Monday, November 5, 2012

Ellie Jane, you are a parTAY.

dear ellie jane,

i spent numerous moments of this past weekend glancing over at you. stopping to squeeze your cheeks and run my fingers through your soft curls and sniff your sticky peanut butter covered face.
 all that comes to the forefront of  my mind is a deep sigh
oh ellie, my ellie ellie ellie ellie eeeeeeeeellie. i think. 
and then i sigh again.
it's just too much, kid.
  you are just too much.

too much for words

you are like the warmest bundle of explosive firecrackers and the cuddliest yummy bunch of completely hilarious and the cutest most intoxicating form of i-could-eat-you-right-now-stop-being-so-wonderful-because-it-almost-hurts and i know none of this is particularly coherent but i'm telling you i'm just telling you my precious child you are smiles and sunshine and easy going and bright

you are so, so bright.

you've lit up our world, little miss.

and we're hooked.

happy birthday.

i love you.

{and that statement, that right there, is yet again a pathetically insufficient summary of my feelings on this matter, but there you have it.}

let's try it a few more times if only for emphasis' sake.

i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you


{still not cuttin' it.}




Joan said...

She is so squishy and yummy. I want to chew on her nose. In fact, I think I have a mild obsession with it. Is that weird? :) If it is...good. haha.

Lori Haack said...

No matter what face this little girl makes, the twinkle is always in her eyes. Happy Birthday Little Miss Ellie Jane! We love you--Nonna & Pop

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Ellie Jane! You are a beautiful girl- love your cousins