Monday, November 12, 2012

Meal Planning Mondays: THE "if ellie jane were a cake" CAKE

We hosted a small birthday dinner bash yesterday evening for little Miss.

the evening was cozy and simple.
{pajama attire included}

mama finally caved and purchased ellie jane her very own makeup kit...

hoping it will momentarily distract her from the real deal - mom's much more expensive collection.
{which she is discovered hiding in some corner of the house with EVERY MORNING I TELL YOU}

we spent the morning baking this cake, 
enveloped in a warm house
snug in our cozies

and i thought...

my! how this cake is totally ellie.

multi layered...


 super scrumdiddlyumpious....

and teetering on the brink of tipping completely over
just for kicks.

yep, that's our ellie janer baner booza naner.

love these goofballs.


And now the tutorial:

gather mini chefs.

Make two batches of boxed cake mix. (funfetti fans over here)

separate into four batches.

dye each batch a separate color.

bake in round cake pans according to directions.

for the next 15 minutes, attempt to referee three little girls fighting/screaming/crying/pouting over who gets to lick which color of leftover-batter-spoons.

cool cakes thoroughly.

insist on nap-time to complete creation.

Whip up Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.

I used approx:

2 sticks softened butter
3 cups powdered sugar
splash of milk
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

(i like mine heavier on the butter, lighter on the sugar taste)

Whip together. Throw into a big ziploc bag and cut the corner off. Pipe frosting in between each layer.

Frost entire cake.

Then, find an unhealthy level of amusement....

 throwing sprinkles at frosted cake and watching them stick....

add lollipops or any top decor of your choice (found these at Micheals for 39 cents a pop!)

and there ya have it!!!....


Casady said...

Sooooo cute!! love the cake! And I love how all the girls are in their pajamas and Elli is naked! This is how Zoe prefers to be most of the time as well :)

Joan said...

Ridiculously perfect! Darling, Martha worthy. Love.

rae said...

Yep, ellie is our perpetual nudist child! Makes her easier to clean up! (and yet she still always manages to be dirty?)


Kerry said...

ADORABLE!!!!! Happy birthday, Ellie!!!!

Kerry said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! Happy birthday, Ellie!!!

Joan said...

PS: look at that darling hostess apron!!! :)

rae said...

@ joan

I know RIGHT?!!! What amazing seamstress is responsible for such cuteness?!! I think of ya every time I put it on. Plus is washes SO well...I have never sewn anything that legitimately withstands like 2 washes. :( Thank you joanie!