Wednesday, November 7, 2012

dear sane people, we've been out-bred.

seriously, America? SERIOUSLY?

That was a great president we let slip through our fingers.

sad, angry, embarrassed,but still very much in love with a country that serves as home to the most idiotic populace,



Joan said...


Emily said...

Couldnt have said it better.

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Natalie in Sparks said...

haha! We feel the same way - how can people be so blind? Like this next four years is going to be any better?!

Anonymous said...

What are your reasons why Obama winning is such a catastrophe?

I look at Romney as a man who demanded tax returns from his running mates yet refused to show us, the voters, his. I see a man who dismissed nearly half of the country in a secretly-recorded video and then said it was “wrong” in a very publicly-recorded “apology.” I see a man who claimed he was cancelling political events in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, then simply renamed his rally and sprung for $5,000 worth of goods at Walmart.

Romney is the embodiment of giving the appearance. One moment he is one thing, the next he is another, each with equal certainty and confidence. He obfuscates and reinvents who he is, which is why Romney supporters seem to pick something that appeals to them and stick with it.
Even if Romney himself doesn’t.

In my opinion, people like Romney seem to forget those who were never given a chance- who did not grow up with good guidance, education, opportunities, and connections. Those who, even if they made seventy or eighty thousand a year through hard work can go bankrupt because they have cancer. Romney simply lacks what it is like being on the flip side of the American Dream.

I do not agree with all of Obama’s policies. I am simply trying to point out those who are bitterly upset do not seem to think about issues outside their comfortable home life.

rae said...

@ anonymous...

thanks for your comment, i will definitely be happy to respond later today when i have time (i'm heading out the door at the moment).

i'm sure everyone is sick of the political online back-and-forth, especially with the election over! But hey, i put my mini tantrum out there and consequently should be willing to elaborate a little more coherently about my feelings on the matter so i hope you'll check back soon. :)

Joan said...

Love it! Political posts by Rae always lend to some fierce debate! ;)

@anonymous: not that you asked me but all things aside (no tax retuns/47% comment--which by the way was totally misrepresented--flip flopping, yada yada) the man is a fiscal genius and the economy is at the forefront of my concerns for this country. Obama has not proven himself in the dept whatsoever.

rae said...

So what I'm hearing you say is this: a wealthy "all about appearance" man like Romney is too out of touch with the reality and the plight of the average American to be granted authority to lead our nation.
First, if he was truly so out of touch and apathetic to the American plight he wouldn't even bother running for President and subjecting himself to the sort of inevitable mud-flinging and false characterizations that were sure to ensue. In all reality, the man could comfortably have instead chosen to spend the rest of his life sailing away on a yacht somewhere off the coast of France resting solely on the laurels of his already more than successful business/political/community/family endeavors. So this over-villainization of an admirable and beyond successful American entrepreneur by the left (who were having a hard time finding any legitimate skeletons in his closet) was a genius albeit misleading tactical strategy. And from your comments, it is more than clear how effective it became. Mitt Romney is TOO successful to understand you! His suggestion that kids should first seek a loan from their parents instead of the state if at all possible: oh the madness!!!! You're right, it is madness to assume that children are actually born into two parent homes now days, a setting which undoubtedly maximizes such a child's and family's chance of financial success and further educational opportunity. He's so old school, so out of touch.

The comment made by Romney about the 47%, regardless of the nuances in federal/state taxes/ etc, nonetheless did point to a general divide among the American people that deserves attention. It is very problematic that such a large portion of our nation finds themselves in one way or the other linked to an entitlement program. The reasons I personally heard in conversations of why people were voting for Obama were ones like, "Mitt want to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and therefore I can't afford my birth control".... (and yet i somehow managed to get the new 5G iphone and have two new flat screens in my house), "My mom voted for Obama because Mitt may have cut her job" (in the government social services sector)....or "Obama voted to extend the unemployment benefits and help Americans" ...(except it also enabled three completely able bodied males i personally know to instead take extended vacations outside of the country before having to crack down and actually go job hunting. Cuz hey! A single male can get along just fine on an unemployment check! imagine if i personally know of three people myself how many there must actually be)...

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
Alexis de Tocqueville

rae said...

So in NV, my home state, regardless of the fact that we LEAD THE NATION IN UNEMPLOYMENT, we still ended up having a larger percentage of people voting for Obama?! We somehow all agree cuts are necessary to avoid the impending fiscal cliff, we all agree our nation is swimming in a pathetic amount of debt, and yet none of us are willing to admit it might be OUR entitlements that need reassessment! Additionally, we would rather believe it is those evil out of touch wealthy people who are to blame and who should pay more! Because it is them who are somehow responsible for all of our life's woes, isn't it?!

Has it slipped our attention that wealthy people who have accumulated wealth through lawful practices are actually enormously BENEFICIAL to our society? As much dissonance as that might create for some people: they have provided services, or ideas, or inventions and actually produced something that we have found useful! That's what makes them wealthy! Wealthy people create jobs, wealthy people make investments, wealthy people spend and consume and therefore drive our economy, wealthy people donate to charity....wealth is good! People who have a lot of it just might be SMART. We might want to LEARN something from them.

Bottom line: jobs and the economy were the absolute leading factor in getting our nation on a better track. Mitt has (had) the skill-set and background to assist us in that (oh yeah, and if education is also one of your key issues as well, his state ranked #1 in schools too). For whatever various emotional, psychological, trivial single issue, or propaganda filled reasons people might have voted otherwise, the stock market plummeting the day immediately after reminds us that it doesn't really matter how empathetic a President might seem to be to your plight if he can't actually effectively assist you in getting out of it.

rae said...

And lastly, addressing your assumption that I am one of those "people who don't really think about the issues outside of their comfortable home life". Yes, I am blessed with a happy home life. I work hard at it. But "comfortable" isn't the word to accurately describe it. Trust me, it isn't comfortable being in the minority. It isn't comfortable having people assume that i must not think about the issues simply because I am some kind of ignorant stay-at-home mommy who only loves decorating, someone who doesn't get what it must be like outside of my little world. It wasn't comfortable being the only 20 year-old among my peers who chose to get married young in a world who laughs at such absurdity. It isn't comfortable choosing to have four (wonderful) children by the time you're 28 and being regularly told at the grocery store how sorry people must feel for you. It wasn't comfortable being engorged and lying on my sofa breastfeeding a newborn as I spoke to my college friends who had just returned from traveling through Europe. It isn't comfortable having a husband working from 4am till 10 at night and completing two degrees in every spare moment he has. It isn't comfortable paying off student loan debt and hospital bills and grocery bills when i would love nothing more than one...just ONE!...solo beach vacation with my husband (shooting for our ten year! :)) It isn't comfortable having people think I must not be educated and somehow drinking the female oppression kool-aid because I decided to specialize solely in the nurturing of my girls for this chapter of my life.
It is beyond rewarding. It is beyond worth it. However, please don't be fooled, it is NOT comfortable.

Okay, I'm done and I apologize for being so lengthy and RANTY. I needed to get this out of my system. If you even finished reading, kudos to you and here is me handing you a cyber Excedrin. At the end of the day I am grateful you have the right to vote your conscience, and I have the same right. I am also grateful for a public square where we have the freedom to engage and debate and sift through ideas no matter how annoying facebook (and now blog) exchanges become. I am now going back to just trying to be a good Mom and a productive citizen. I wish the President success and well-being with our nation no matter who he(or someday she?!) is!

take care.

rae said...

The SADDEST PART OF THIS ENTIRE ELECTION season was the fact that my long winded tirade was required to be divided into THREE separate comments posts for my blog to even allow me to publish it.

i'm checking myself into therapy now.

Ciara said...

Rae - I love you! You make me proud!