Monday, December 10, 2012

It's time to say it out loud.

{all i want for christmas: the seventh month of a child's development to last for....oh, 9 years or so. nothing is yummier. the world needs more 7 month babies i tell ya!!!}

I have no business posting to this blog. My world is like a spinning whirlwind, an eternal to-do list, a rising elevation of ever mounting responsibility. And yet, here I am. Sometimes my mind is so full of ideas and inspirations and thoughts and ruminations that it comes time for either 1) meds, or 2) an essay. Or a Raessay. 
Ya like that, a raessay? 
Totally raedical, huh? 
Or more like Naraessicistic? 
I'm so sorry, please forgive me. 
I've raevolving. 
I'm a work in Praegress.

Is this really happening right now?

Yes, yes it is. Cuz heck, who needs actual human beings to laugh with you when you can have such fun completely alone in sweat pants on your computer!!?! Am I right or am i right?!

Crazy things have been going down in the Haack Household, let me tell you. And frankly, this is completely irrelevant news to a blog reader, but....we're moving.

Not cyber moving, like a domain switch or anything like that.
Real life moving.

There, I said it.

Tyler and I are packing up our little cheer squad, leaving my deserty homeland, and relocating to Southern California. Tyler was offered an excellent opportunity with his company. And that guy, oh how I love that guy. After all the hard work he regularly puts in, after all that I regularly witness him sacrifice for the good of our little misses,  I couldn't very well say "Uh HELLs NO!" when he suggested we leave all of our dear, wonderful family (our roots!) here and try out something new there.

It's been a lot of team-effort in the making of our little family. And a team we will remain.

So adventure it is!!!
Bring it on Southern California!

 Not a bad relocation if I do say so myself!

You might be thinking we have traded up big-time, yes?

Let's hope so!

 because this here Rae, doesn't like raevolution too much.

Change comes as a bit of an affront to me. I am the person who gets visibly distraught each time I enter Costco and see that they have rearranged the aisles. So this? This will be huge. 

I remember when I returned from college years ago, the sweep of relief I felt that I was back home. Home home home. In fact, I have always sorta loathed myself for getting so homesick during those years. Until one day someone mentioned that, at least you had a family and a home worth missing. Then I forgave myself a little.

And so I forgive myself now, before this goes down. There will be a lot to miss.

But, there is a big difference between then and now because

I get to take a family with me.

so I guess, in all reality: home is coming with us.


Melissa Lowry said...

Yeah! So Cal?! The weather, the houses, the celebrities, the shopping, the weather, ahh so lucky! I hope you guys have a fabulous new adventure there! And good luck moving with the babes!

Jentch said...

K we HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO see each other before you move. I texted you at your number but never heard back....I may have gotten the number wrong. Anyways please find time so we can get together before you guys move k....

Miss you tons

Jentry Young

rae said...

Thanks Melissa!

And Jentch, i'm on it! i'll call you later this week, we still have some time and I agree, we HAVE to hang!

Joan said...

Nothing better than an open mouth squishy, wet, yummy baby kiss!

Oh, and I'm jealous of SoCal...that they get to have you and your babies...but I am happy that you are only six hours away from me!!!

Emily said...

So first... The seven month old thing, I couldn't agree more. They are just so happy and smiley and perfect. Mmmmmm. Second.... Congrats in the move. Seriously, congratulations. I think moving is great. It's a great way to raedisciver yourself, your kids, your husband. I can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

Kerry said...

Very exciting! Congratulations and let me know when you're settled!

Alex said...

That's so exciting, congrats! So. Cal is such a fun place. By the way, you have to promise to keep your going blog because I'd cry (literally) if you stopped. You're such a great example!


rae said...

@ kerry: you are the lady to help show me around right?!! Where are you in orange county?! we could have our girls picnic together on the beach Kerry, just think of it!

@ Alex: Aw, thanks! And no worries...this blog shall stay in full force! Um, hello!....I will have new decorating to post! Not to mention plenty of tearful rants when i am stripped of all home/community/grandparent support with my children!!! AAAAA!

Katy Nicole. said...

First of all.. I still LOVE Emerson's ears! She is beyond adorable!! Agreed-7 months is the best!!

About the move...
I am so excited for you!!! BUT... I am still sad!!You are going to be missed big time!Grey will miss being smoothered by Ellie Jane of course!! :)

I'll see you soon!

Kerry said...

Of course!! We're living in Huntington Beach, but looking at moving to Old Town Orange (which you would love). Let me know when you're settled; I'd love to show you and the girls around!!