Saturday, December 15, 2012

Little Women: the gift of siblings.

"Jo, Do you love Laurie as much as you do me?"

"Don't be such a beetle! I could never love anyone as I love my sisters."

- Jo & Amy March
Little Women

I watch the movie Little Women every December...and with it comes the most disproportional, dramatic, and cathartic ugly cry known to mankind. What is it about this movie?! Every year I tell ya.

Just imagine the scene this year, as I sat wrapped in blankets on my couch at 9pm, and realized I have....I. ACTUALLY. HAVE....FOUR. LITTLE. WOMEN??!!!
Cue the tears!!!

 {london and emerson. honestly, what a miracle to witness such love between children.  London is such a little mama}

I hope that with each other they will always

"bear their souls and tell the most appalling secrets" 

that they 

"won't settle for a sister who is a lazy ignoramus!"

and above all that they will

"write from life, the very depths of their souls"....

Such a good movie:)

(oh yeah, and i guess i'm not really taking that long of a break. sweet internet, we've made amends.)

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Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

YES! Love this movie! Coming from a family with 4 girls (and 4 boys... much like your family if I recall correctly) this movie was often watched and quoted. I watch it every December as well, and cry my little eyes out at all the same moments every year. So good! And your girls are amazingly adorable!