Sunday, January 20, 2013

The very last, I promise.

I am capital B behind in capital E every department in my capital L life.

We're just now emerging from a wonderful post holiday romp through FLU SEASON. I'm not even going to go there. Let's just be glad it's over and re-live the very last details of 2012 for posterity's sake?

vvvvery early,

Christmas Day was fantastic. 

It's such a relief when all the agonizing and sorting and wrapping and planning are finally done.

I think Tyler and I review "the lists" around 19 times in various ways in the weeks leading up.

What do we have for Lily?
K, now London?
Ellie Jane?

Equal number of items?
No, not necessarily.
Weighted scale?
 Items adjusted by price and measure of equal desirability.
Suitable to each individual personality?
Considerate of separate interests?
Check. Check.
Factored by age?

Eight month old Emerson does not need the amount of stuff that say, five year old London would require for us to pass the parental Christmas litmus test. You know, the test all siblings inevitably point to for the rest of time in therapy sessions demonstrating the obvious parental favoritism that robbed them of all self-esteem. 
does this cause me anxiety? no oh my gosh why would you think this is causing me anxiety why do i seem anxious oh my gosh why would i be anxious over something so silly i'm not anxious i might look and sound a little anxious but i am in no way anxious oh my gosh.

Something tells me, while skimming over the pictures....
these children will survive.


After the before-sunrise Santafest, 

it's over the river and through the woods


Poppa and Nonna's we go!

Nonna always has the most splendiforous (check it: Fancy Nancy) tree:

Uncle Alex and Miss Jocelyn did their usual and much appreciated spoiling.

I love Nonna's decorations too. A lovely spread.


and there we have it. A glorious end to 2012.

Dear 2013,

i think i'm finally ready for ya.

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