Wednesday, January 9, 2013

While I'm out....

I plan on updating this corner when I've completed uprooting my entire existence and am no longer staring down a 400 lb load of laundry...hoping, just hoping it will somehow magically disappear from my parents' sofa and end up properly distributed to the one closet our family of six is currently sharing. Holla! Cuz really, nothing says job promotion like moving in with your parents, can I get an AMEN?! 

dear escrow, please close soon.
 (but, not too soon. i kinda like this set-up for a bit)

In the mean-time, I have to share a gem with you:

art as quilts

Meet Art:

Meet inspired quilt:

behind such spectacularessness. 
(ok, not a real word. what is a cool fancy artsy word for this? i do not know. superamazedazeSHUTUP. that's what i said.)

First, i have to say i have ample amounts of appreciation and love for all the craftiness of crafty ladies out there. But every now and then one stumbles upon something that is much more than a craft. These quilts?! Art I tell you. Such a fan. And I am pretty picky about the art I prefer to display. It has to speak to me in some way (wow, that sounded artsy, now didn't it?).

 I am already dreaming of one of these quilts gracing my new home (when we actually find one we can afford in...ya know, RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA). 

You can comb through the artist's (Summer's!) pinterest board as well to see what art she has pegged for future quilts. I plan on scrolling through and ordering one!

Another fave: 

and of course, dang it all: sold!

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Emily Anne said...

oh...good luck with all of the upcoming change.
i'm excited to see where you land. and how you feather your new nest.

thinking of you!!