Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A good week.

*Big changes on the horizon! First, we are finally entering escrow on the home we wanted! Hip hip hooray! It has felt like eternity waiting, but in all reality we were LUCKY. Word on the street is that buying a short sale normally takes much longer. I can't tell ya how responsible and successful a parent begins to feel when their child asks night after night,
"Mom, how many more nights do I have to sleep on a couch?
It's been an adventure. Honestly, I can't thank my parents enough for their generosity in letting us live with them while we were in transition. It allowed us to save the money we needed. Plus, I gotta say, it felt good to be free from a house and all the regular responsibility that comes with it. My life simplified dramatically for a few months, and it was refreshing. However, I am so excited to have a nest again. I can't wait to get my hands dirty and create a new home. Woo hoo!

*My GREAT friends Emily and Jamee hosted a little friend luncheon to say goodbye. It was so lovely, and completely counterproductive to me wanting to move. I have to tell myself over and over, "there are good people EVERYwhere Rachel, there are good people EVERYwhere Rachel...." but somehow after knowing these women in this community of mine, I'm having a hard time believing anything can compare! I so love and will miss these friends!

{Jamee, Emily, and pretty little Miss Jocelyn}

 * My little brother Forrest was ACCEPTED TO THE NAVAL ACADEMY!!!!! 

Holy Cow! Oh My Gosh! Annapolis here he comes! We had all been anxiously waiting for a few months...Below is a condensed version of how the family group text board BLEW UP when my other brother Jacob sent us a text telling us the news:

 Some inside jokes laced in there. But really, Forrest has been wearing army gear and stomping around the backyard strategically mapping out "war-zones" since he was a wee one. Hard to believe this is the REAL thing. Even more proud that he took his academics seriously enough to achieve this. I've watched him work hard for a few years now, pushing himself harder physically and challenging himself mentally to work towards this goal. It made it all the more sweet to see he gets to begin! I am hoping Tyler and I can arrange a trip back East for the big induction ceremony!

Hey Forrest, enjoy your last few weeks of sunshine and college in Hawaii. Pretty soon you'll be waking up at 4:30am until....well, ....forever. PROUD of you! Good work Florist, der..i mean Forrest!


The Mrs. said...

I really am so sincerely happy for you and this next adventure in your life! How awesome for Forrest!


Alex said...

Congrats to Forrest! Annapolis is such a cute little town, I love it there. Good luck with your move.