Friday, February 15, 2013

Five for Friday.

1. Today, I promised the girls a stop for an ice cream cone on our way home from errands. Not three minutes into our drive London began freaking out like a mad lunatic, screaming and hollering from the back seat over absolutely nothing of consequence (as per, well...usual). Frustrated, driving in traffic, I warned her immediately:

"You better not keep behaving in that manner unless you don't want to eat an ice cream cone and if you do want one you should think about how you can act so you won't not get what you are wanting because I will never buy an ice cream for someone who doesn't know how not to freak out every time we are in the car so i want you to immediately stop behaving this way and start behaving that way so you can get it, got it?"

Dear Child Psychologist Authors who remind parents to speak in simple and concise commands so a small child can easily understand:
 how did i do?

2. Valentine's Success! A good, handsome man sent chocolate covered strawberries for all his lady loves. Part II:  Ellie Jane enjoys the day of sunshine.

{whew! glad she kept her socks on, wouldn't want her catching cold}

3. London rocks the gymnastics world video.

Titled: Next stop, Olympics!

4. Top stolen-phone video of the week:

Titled: Discovery of Self in the Camera and the Necessary Prerequisite for Lily's Affection 
(i can't quit laughing when i watch this).

5. Emerson, so painfully cute. Standing in her crib. Pulls herself up and then doesn't know what to do. Just gets really tired and woozy like a wobbly little drunkard, crying for help. I go back in and help her lie down. We repeat this scenario about fifteen times until it finally clicks...yes Emerson, you are sleepy sweet Miss. Finally, she gives up and falls asleep and I die all over again at how much I love her.

Have a great THREE day weekend! hooray!


Alex said...

1.Love that your Ellie embraces nature as every opportunity presents itself...hilarious!
2.Lily may kill you for posting that video when she's a teenager, but it's totally worth it! So funny!

renee said...

That video of Lily is AWESOME!
Beautiful and so full of spunk your girls are!

Kendall K said...

Oh my... that video of Lily is hilarious!! Your girls are too cute.

Joan said...

HA HA HA!!! I laughed out loud watching her watch herself! SO funny, Rae :)