Friday, February 1, 2013


i really appreciate the month of february. 

for some reason, i always find myself delusional enough to think that it is the beginning of the Spring season. i blame it on ground hog day?

anyhoo, what i also love is the perfect dose of post-holiday holiday cheer that Valentine's Day brings. It's not nearly as exhausting or over the top as the Christmas spirit but is still effective enough to give you a good excuse to eat large sugar cookies and hang a small banner to brighten the winter mood. 

last week i semi-wasted an entire day messing around taking pictures of my girls. i take that back, it was NO waste. it was a perfectly legitimate thing to do on a boring, freezing day. and i may be slightly biased, but i have pretty fun models to play with.

{simple set design}

the idea was to create valentine's cards out of the pictures. but let's be real, nothing would make lily and london more happy than floppy cardboard Lisa Frank popouts to exchange with friends. as much as i fantasize about sending them with personalized photos and messages customized onto 125 lb weighted textured red cardstock...i suppose i should let the kids just be kids. right?

presenting my little valentine's...

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Katy Nicole. said...

They are soooo stinkin' CUTE!!! Love the photos-you must teach me your ways!!NO waste is right!! xo