Monday, February 4, 2013

Meal Planning Mondays: Dear Homeland Security...

I had two utterly brilliant epiphanies after last week's trip to Costco:

Number 1:
Attention fellow shoppers: you are not. starving. The simple fact that you can afford the yearly membership and choose to purchase food items in bulk suggest that you are not even remotely close to experiencing anything like actual, legitimate hunger. So, with that in mind, let's stop crowding the sample tables like a bunch of panicked, pushy, emaciated vultures. I mean come on!, how long must the line be for a triangular sample of tuna fish on wheat bread?!!And are you truly going to stand and wait four whole minutes for the egg rolls to finish in the microwave? As much as I enjoy an overcooked, bite size quiche Lorraine myself.... stand down crazy crowd, stand down i say.

Number 2:
May I suggest a new form of "enhanced" interrogation technique for potential enemies of the State? Really, is waterboarding as creative as it gets? Surely we can do better than that. Therefore, I feel it my patriotic duty to suggest that we merely need to threaten suspects with a 25 minute shopping trip with Ellie Jane.

But you need to hurry and jump on this opportunity while the moment is ripe. It is sure to be outlawed as cruel and unusual punishment when the truth of how tortuous this situation can be unfolds.

Don't let that disarmingly adorable face fool you....

She's only smiling because she knows how to win.


Now for our Meal Planning Links!!!
Remember, Meal Plans are your BEST FRIEND. Don't shop without one! Pick your recipes, make the list of what items you need, and keep your shopping trips minimal and efficient. And preferably, leave your sassy two year old with a sitter. Costco will thank you.

 Last week I listed Southwest Turkey Burgers for the menu, but cheated and repeated another favorite variation of a turkey burger we ate a few times this last summer...I love how different and delish these are. Plus, a juicy mango can really help ease the winter doldrums.

(click titles for recipe links)

(don't let leeks intimidate you: they are like mild green onions)

(Yay! Hippie night! don't be afraid! It's actually really yummy AND GOOD FOR YOU!)


Katy Nicole. said...

I am SO glad Meal Planning Mondays are back!!! And I love that Ellie Jane is rocking her "art bib" at Costco!!

Heather said...

I am so glad you do this! I love it.