Monday, February 11, 2013

Meal Planning Mondays: On the Dark Side. (*WARNING: content highly intellectualized. deeply philosophical. incredibly relevant.)


Guess what?! Meal Planning Monday has yet again failed you. I have no photographed meal to feature. We've been in San Francisco...holla!

But, in an effort to keep up with my one simple itty bitty consistent media goal for myself I said, self, you must still post to meal planning mondays because it is monday and you said...YOU would. So nevermind that there are only 71 minutes left of this Monday. 

Do you have media goals for yourself? Mine mainly involve limits. Blogs, websites, instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, on ON ON. Do you have any rules? How does one strike a balance? I told myself one regular outlet. 
Obviously, this blog has been it (and i love it)...but just recently 
I caved to Pinterest. 
Then I joined Facebook 
when i was invited to
  be a part of a "think" group
 that debates/discusses all matters philosophical/political 
It was kind of sneaky and fun because at first i was always speaking in the exchange under Tyler's name. It is a largely male dominated group. I even inserted a few *burps* just to up my street cred. Then I was like WAIT A MINUTE I DESERVE RECOGNITION FOR THESE AAAAHHHH-MAZING THOUGHTS DAMMITALL and BAM I created my own profile and showed up to represent the females in the house. 

Suddenly it's two in the morning, I'm still typing and seriously considering mapping out a game plan to track and egg the car of some snooty pants wannabe intellectual poser who was  dissing The Declaration of Independence (like really?!) when I realized:

Is this normal? I'm sensing a slight detour here.

So, I kindly excused myself for the evening (early morning) and said HELLO I HAVE CHILDREN TO RAISE...SEE YA WOULDN'T WANT TO BE YA  (Declaration hating moron).

and that was the end of that stint.
and yet i still have the urge to return. 
you should have seen today's topics!!!!
 resist rachel, resist!

Not giving up Pinterest though. NEVER.

So that leads us back to here, talking about hair instead.
On Meal-planning Monday.

Cuz, why not? You like meal planning posts about hair, don't you? Why just two days ago I ate a piece of pizza at a restaurant and saw a long hair on it and thought: hope that's mine cuz this is too good to pass up!

Ta daaa!: Perfect segue!!

The change from crazy lunatic blonde to crazy lunatic brunette?

(long)...but so fun.

the end.

hair by Theresa 
(love it, thanks Theresa!!!)


Recipe links!
(see, this post wasn't COMPLETELY pointless.)

A delicious twist on a chicken dish...
*Honey Rosemary Chicken Breasts

Hey! Speaking of Pizza....
*Grecian Avocado Pizza

Heaven in a salad...
*Orange, Beet & Arugula Salad
(I use canned/steamed store bought beets...just as good. 
I also sub feta cheese and GO HEAVY on the oranges! YUM.)

I'm not a big fish eater, but I sure loved this. A super fave at my Mom's house.
*Lime and Honey Glazed Salmon with warm Black bean & Corn Salad


how bout this to sweeten up your Valentine's Day?
*Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake


The Mrs. said...

I really am loving your dark hair. You are totally rockin' it, Rae!

Also, I like your outfit. Really really! You make being a mom of four little girls look totally easy and so super cool. I know that you dont want to give off the easy impression, but, sometimes you do!


Joan said...

You are killing me! ”Insert a burp to up your street cred?!” Ha ha ha!
I love you, Rae. And your hair looks stunning on you. Really.