Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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This week as I allowed myself a few moments of reading in order to bulk up spiritually for another week, I happened upon an awesome scripture...

"Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man." Colossians 4:6

Boy, for how much I speak 
I certainly think I could do with a good dose of salt and grace, that's for sure. Husband might agree. I think he's described my speech flavor more along the lines of spicy or bitter from time to time.

President Uchtdorf elaborated on this concept, and suggested the idea that we strive for our words to be "clear as a sunny sky and full of grace." He asked:
Can you imagine what our families, our wards (i.e. parishes), our nation, and even the world would be like if we adopted this simple principle?

I have given it much thought since. I mean really, can you imagine?

I have seen it naturally modeled before by people I really admire. Their words come well articulated, thoughtful, and always in a non-threatening format. It is such an art form. For me, I am a rambler. I talk too much, too loudly, and often the attempt to verbalize my thoughts coherently leaves me feeling rather inadequate. I think I am much better in writing than in person when it comes to expressing myself. I sometimes wish I could simply write words for people to read from me rather than speak out loud (even though strangely enough, I still manage to be pretty talkative;)

For family night, we discussed with the girls this picturesque notion, one in which our words are
clear as a sunny sky and full of grace
when speaking with each other.

I've already put the phrase to good use since. When I hear Lily and London squabbling I chime in, in my oh-so-nicest-annoying-sunshiney voice

Oh ladies, would you say that your words are clear like a sunny sky and full of grace?

Can you just picture how fantastically irritating it will be for them to hear this repeated until they are in their teen years?!!!! Hooray!!!

Lily already has attempted mouthing my words and using her hands to do that "yap yap yap" motion the last time I said it. Home girl got shut dowwwwn. Time out! No yap yapping your mother.

I can also envision the teenage version of Ellie Jane telling me to take my sunshiney skies and shove it up the hoo haw, to which we will end up duking it out on the front lawn.

But really, who knows: I think my forecasting radar is wonky after spending an afternoon in the doctor's office waiting room with her, so we shall see.

However, in the cold grasp of winter I must say...

here's to more sunshine and grace!

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Joan said...

These girls. Sigh.
This post is out of a sentimental, cozy magazine--a magazine that you will open when you're fifty and weep while thinking, "Where did the time go. Look at my beautiful little girls."
You are so, so blessed Rae.