Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To The City!

Last week I told Tyler to re-route his usual flight home and meet us in San Francisco instead!
Gramma & Pop started the "adopt an Ellie Jane" program,
I loaded up the other three and off we went!

We needed a little break, a reprieve from the ho-hum-dee-dum of winter, moving, and life in general.

Here's one thing I find so great about San Francisco: 
it's weather pattern is like the opposite of here.

In the heat of summer I can escape there and find refreshment in the rain and mist.
During the cold chill of winter, one can often miraculously find clear skies and sun. Well done, San Fran, WELL. DONE.

and as always, the sights never disappoint!


carrie @ the boonie life said...

Hey there, Rachel! I've heard my sisters-in-law talk about you and how cute you are. Your girls are seriously so darling! And that video of your three little girls is so precious. Thanks for popping in on my blog, and nice to meet you! :)

Joan said...

Hi, Miss Leopard belt and matching hat, skinny girl prancing on the beach looking like she's 19. I hate you ;)
I can only imagine the spectacle: you and Sarah walking around in SF with your beautiful selves and stunning posterity.
I would have stopped to stare for sure :)