Friday, March 22, 2013


So I forgot to mention the absolute highlight of our trip to San Francisco last month.

Lily got her ears pierced!
(Or as Lily kept saying, "I got my ears peered!" Super cute but darn it, for her own good I had to teach her the correct pronunciation before she returned to school the next week.)

We were walking around, shopping and taking in the sights when we passed a shop and thought, WHY NOT!?!!
I understand that typically ear piercings are like a huge rite of passage for a lot of folks but honestly, it felt nice to just decide on a whim and not make such a big deal over the whole thing.

But it was a big deal. Choosing the right ear-rings, discussing options, watching Lily's face beam with excitement. Luckily two really nice gay dads gave us a few good tips as they were leaving the store with their daughters who just had their ears pierced.
Go for the gold, gold. only., they said.
 It was like the perfect quintessential San Francisco ear piercing experience i tell you!:)

Notice the suspense (aka, London):

This is the part when every parent starts thinking, 
was this a good idea was this a good idea was this a good idea oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh?
while nodding reassuringly to their child
(father glances back at mother with a don't even give me that look this is totally your department i have no idea what is going on here and wife in turn just squints eyes tighter and keeps nodding):

 She did it!

After watching Lily, London decided to opt out and instead 
in the
 supporting role
with clip-on earrings.

Never have I seen a child so enthralled. 
Later I discovered like 350 photos Lily had taken of her ears on my iphone.

Just before tucking into bed that night, as we discussed returning to school the next day,

 Lily whispered

"Everything changes tomorrow."