Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Links n' Thinks n' No More Skinny Jeans.

1. It is Tuesday morning and I'm officially over a life of ZERO structure. It was fun while it lasted, but no more. 

Exhibit A: 
ellie's morning escape to the rooftop

And while my children will miss the unfettered freedom of life on Hansen Ranch, I on the other hand look forward to rediscovering my affinity for obsessive compulsive vacuuming, regular nap-times, and life in a suburb. (awww....sad, but sorta true).

2. I am sitting by ellie jane right now, as she watches Yo Gabba Gabba. They are currently singing

We don't! We don't! We don't bite our friends!
We don't! We don't! We don't bite our friends!

are children just the funniest or what?

exhibit B: emerson discovers nose (in about 25 photos from St. Patty's Day shoot)

3. Dental appointments for the three oldest yesterday, lasted THREE HOURS. I HATE dental appointments. I always feel my parental integrity is compromised, as I know I will give my usual speech about how I plan on being a better flossing taskmaster to the girls, but in reality I know it isn't true. I will do a terrible job and forget and more often than not choose earlier bedtimes over proper dental hygiene and repeat this same fake re-commitment in six months when asked again by the dentist if they floss daily. A thick fog of guilt sets in for the rest of the day until I am able to properly medicate it away with peanut butter m&ms.

4. Speaking of medicating with peanut butter m&ms, no more skinny jeans accompanied by flats for me. I declared it boldly last week. Tight jeans that taper at the ankle? No thank. you. Not anymore. After a full day of feeling like a short, squished schlumpadinka I realized I had once again allowed myself to relive the nasty theme of my high school and early college years: Refusal to Take into Account that which is Right for Thy Own Figure.
And you want to know what is worse? The neon versions that are out. Cuz nothing says Hello! Denial! like me prancing down the street with every ounce of my mom butt flashing by in an unholy spectacle of hot pink. 
If I'm going to stuff myself into a pair of (dark wash only) skinnies, I need to lengthen that shiz out with a good pair of heels. But seeing that I'm an actual human being who moves and regularly needs to chase a crazy toddler, let's just scrap that whole business and apply yoga pants more liberally.

5. I love reading with my children. I only wish my children loved me reading with my children more. Television and computers/Ipads make it more of a struggle, but I will fight to the death. This is the part where us moving into our house will help stack the deck in my favor as well. Gramma and Pop's might be loaded with the latest gadgets, but the TV of our homefront is a proud clunker and I have no other decent electronics (insert evil laugh here).

 Exhibit C: true dat.

6. London just came around spraying each of us with a bottle of something she said schmells beautiful. She just squirted me on my neck and I grabbed it from her. It's lens cleaner. Super.

7. Meal links! Sorry, didn't get it out yesterday...

Simple, easy meals this week:

and HEAVENS TO BETSY serve the above Thai with Naan Bread!