Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my thoughts.

{and pictures of my emerson baby for good measure.}

 i desperately need to be sleeping. but, i'm hyped up on a massive overdose of caffeine, the aftermath of my efforts to survive the 8+ hour drive back from So Cal with my four children. road trip with four kids and only one parent? now that's a story for another day. i need to enroll myself in a good PTSD counseling session before attempting to recount any details. or, at least wait for the involuntary twitching and random outbursts of curse words to subside. 

it doesn't help that i listen to podcasts while driving either. good grief the mental journey one can take! it's complete nerd-city but i find nothing more fascinating than listening to smart people talk about practically anything. i just want to lurk, and lurk, and lurk. listening. forming my thoughts. 
today i took a trip down the gun control lane debate with popular economists, enjoyed two amazing female psychologists dive into the intersection of sexuality and faith perspectives, heard one awesome and thought provoking Ted talk, and briefly listened to the G Love and Special Sauce station on Pandora. it helped pass the time but honestly i think my brain is going to explode. 

Have you ever heard of The Inklings? It was a literary discussion group that super pre-famous English dudes like CS Lewis, JR Tolkien, were a part of, a group that gathered to discuss fiction in the early 1930's. They hung out at a pub in Oxford. Or, did you know that Thomas Jefferson loved to regularly invite the top experts in a host of different fields to dine with him at Monticello and discuss all the hottest ideas of the day?
 talk about a FantasayRAE {fantasy: meet: rae!}.
 did you also know that Thomas Jefferson suggested using meat more as a "flavoring principle" than a main staple of your diet? so that's why his complexion looks so shiny on all those nickels! (wah wah...)

thanks to that above paragraph, now you can't say you haven't learned anything from this blog.

you're welcome.

hmmm....where was i going with this post other than absolutely nowhere?

oh right,  absolutely fa dang sure nowhere.

we are so close to closing escrow. almost all details are squared away, ready to move, save it be the new perfect flooring i was feeling desperate for. after reviewing all of our final costs, we have decided to hold off on the main feature that i was most excited for. honestly, i am SUCH. A. SPOILED. BRAT. i know this. nobody hates this more about me than me...but i am a diehard floor SNOB. i have never been fully satisfied with any of our houses because i can't shake my flooring fetishes. i know what i want and thought that maybe this time, with this house, we could swing it. just take the plunge and put in the exact floors i want before moving in.

but the realistic, responsible, less ridiculous side of me knows that we don't have the money for it, and sinking ourselves further into debt simply to satisfy my aesthetic sense isn't going to be justifiable. i have pouted for a full evening. can you believe this? stop it now, rae. stop. it.
blessed people who live in a free country who are well fed with healthy children and families who love them and friends who support them and also own a home and drive a car and have an education and clothes on their back and endless opportunities ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN about floors. do you hear me, do you hear me, rae?!!! for shame!

so hmmmmm, i guess now i should attempt to figure out a way to tie all this up neatly and exit gracefully from the world's most pointless post ever...


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Joan said...

I love this. You just spewed random and I enjoyed every bit of it.
So glad you don't feel obligated to have some tidy "theme" for every post. That would defeat the purpose of a personal blog.