Sunday, March 31, 2013

the village people.

they say it takes an entire village to raise a child. boy is that the truth.

this last week we hosted a goodbye and thank you party for our village.

hardest part of the impending move so far.

these are the faces my children have been raised around.

these are the little people who they regularly played with.

i cried as i walked around snapping shots of these precious little faces.


i thought of how much they will change. 
how much they already HAVE changed.
i've known them all since their births.

i will miss my village mamas.

the ones i'd meet so frequently with they became like family.
 such a great group of women. 
no words.
no. words.

i've gathered with them for so many years. instant tears come as the realization is finally setting in that i won't see them weekly anymore. 

we won't stop at parks or by each other's houses. 
swapping children and organizing playdates and preschool co-ops.
discussing all sorts of things.
soaking in the host of wisdom they had to offer.

the type of mothers who you could trust your most precious little peeps with.
and also the type who you could easily text and say
"child X is driving me insane and if i don't get her out of my house today there is going to be a serious problem."

they respond with a no judge attitude, a nod of understanding, and a simple: don't bother making lunch. i'll feed her.

and when you show up on their doorstep and your child has no shoes on they say things like

"shoes? overrated."

i stood last week at church, where i was asked to speak, and blubbered like a baby looking at them in the congregation. how do you thank the women who were there from the very beginning of your journey? how do you tell them what it meant? the first dinners they dropped by and the kind words? the invitations and the tips that made motherhood more joyful and bearable? how will they ever know? they won't. they'll  just see me blubber and cry more.

they are mighty.

they are wise. 

so wise.

and real.

oh my these faces. i adore these faces.

these are my people.
and i will miss them so.


Artfulife said...

Awwww! I'm going to miss you too! The only good thing about moving is you get to keep your old friends & make new friends that you'll never understand how you lived without them for so long. Love ya & can't wait to hear about all of your new adventures!

rae said...

Thank u summer dear! I am excited to hang one of your amazing quilts in my new's like we will always have a good reminder of our friends!

The Mrs. said...

That was so sweet Rae. I admire your words. I soak in every single one of your words. You just have a gift with expressing your thoughts and feelings.



rae said...

Love you too Jamee! I will especially miss our book clubs/ladies lunches and stopping by your house:(

Natalie in Sparks said...

what a great post! So beautifully written - it makes me so sad to see you go...and realize again what awesome friends we have! By the way, I am so sad and sorry to have missed this goodbye event for you. I really wish I hadn't been out of town. You know i would have been there. I would love to photoshop my face in that group picture since we enjoyed so many other playgroups, book clubs, etc together! Good luck on your new journey!