Wednesday, April 17, 2013

in the trenches.

These past five months have left me mostly without my partner-in-crime when it came to parental duties. I miss him, but finally, in just two more days (!), we will end this long-distance-constant-commuting-fly-back-and-forth-"i miss Daddy"-annoying-inconvenient stint that was the result of this job transfer. California, here we come at last! For realz.

But with one very happy reunion comes a sad parting. 
Mind you, not a goodbye. We don't do goodbyes. Just see ya laters. 

My parents stepped in during this whole affair to help. And once again, I am left humbled and grateful, wondering how on earth I would ever survive without them. They filled in all the gaps left by this transition and helped me to cope. Patiently enduring the messes, spills, flu episodes, poopy diapers, carpet stains, laundry piles, and regular emotional meltdowns of four little girls. Well, truth be told, five little girls. You should have seen my frequent tantrums during the whole escrow process. 

They were the substitute parents, the on-call babysitters, the bedtime routine helpers, the chocolate milk suppliers, the sick nurses, and the the girls particular favorite: the devilishly naughty schemers who thwarted all of Mom's efforts to keep sugar consumption under control.

They would arrive home every day after their own long and tedious work, either at the legislature or the office, and jump right in to pick up any slack from my day. Always with cheer.

Reminding me that the 
grandest gestures of love 
are most often
simplest acts of service.

They will be missed.

And forever appreciated for opening up their home and allowing the chaos to swallow them whole.

There is never a way to fully repay good parents,

or wonderful grandparents....

But I imagine they would tell me that having

four five girls

who think they are just the bee's knees

forever and always

will do just fine.

We love you, Gramma and Pop.

Thank you so much for teaching 
us what it means
to be family.


Ashley said...

Rae! I am going to miss you and I am really sad that we never got together to say good bye. I am happy that you have this blog it seems to be the only way to stay in touch with your life and I love it. I wish nothing but the best for you guys down in SoCal. Love you!

Joan said...

Totally crying. Pregnant boob here. I love your parents. They are genuinely good people who are fiercely loyal to their children and family. I love that.
Can't wait to hear about your adventures in CA...but can't wait even more to be well enough to come visit!