Friday, May 17, 2013

a smattering...

of photos.

in no particular order.

coherence just isn't my strong suit nowadays.

{but pppsst, if you are in the mood to skip the tangential ramblings you can just scroll yourself down to the bottom and watch a real treat. oh happy news and happy day!}

to my great relief, our new neighborhood is positively littered with children. the girls have quickly found friends to play with. 

not two days into living here, i walked into our small backyard to find oh...TWELVE CHILDREN...all crammed in asking,

when's the tea party?




apparently lily is quite the parTAY organizer. sadly, they were sent home without tea due to lack of any and all serveware and/or food as we hadn't so much as made it past the local mcdonalds for most meals at that point. they were asked to return the next day for popsicles.

friendly girl, that one. 

 the larger crowd has since dispersed and they have established their few regular, next-door visitors. girls well matched to their age range. very sweet too. 

two sisters who frequent our house have a challenging home life, we've come to discover. one day they arrived on our doorstep with tear-filled eyes and informed us that their mother had just announced she was moving away.

my girls were confused. apparently, their friends' parents are separating. up until this point, my girls have known very little of these sort of grown-up matters. it is a sad reality we are all bound to confront in one way or another. and it always hurts. 

a few days later, when london overheard tyler and i bickering over something trivial, she shouted:

"Gweat! Why don't you just SEPAWATE?! (separate!)"

we looked at her in shock and then took a minute to ease her concerns and explain that she need not worry her pretty little head about that. this family is here for keeps. better or worse, kid. better or worse.
 that was the promise.

still, my heart aches for our small friends.
the world is so unfair to children at times. it shouldn't be so.

as the two sisters were over playing they looked at the big picture of our extended family
. wow! the youngest exclaimed, your family is perfect!

i quickly laughed,

oh honey! no. we're. not!

she asked,

do ya fight?

{auntie sarah and sawyer's visit!}


do you sometimes yell at each other?

YES and YES.

i explained that no family is perfect.

but they are our family.

and that's what makes them so special, no matter what.

{nonna and her boys: mother's day}

 there are times i get struck with various ailments of familyITIS.

my mom properly demonstrated the use of such a term years ago.

as a child, i would occasionally hear her proclaim,


it was a brilliant little suffix added to her in-law family name. it properly pathologized the previously unrecognized disease, which is:

 the literal, at times excruciating annoyance one can feel toward their own family members. 

 Genius, right?

we have since adapted the term to fit any condition of family interaction.

Hansenitis .






 you'll know you're suffering a full blown strain when your brain starts crossfiring and shooting off run on's such as:

...if i so much as have to look one more time at your ratface you and all your condescending smug oh look at me i know everything im going to tell you how to live hypocritical willy nilly make that weird sound with your lips every time you chew your food always having to interrupt whenever i have something to say incapable of listening just once JUST ONCE just like that time when we were seven and you refused to share that one thing you are seriously so weird you don't even know you're weird that's how fareeeeaking weird this whole thing is and this oversensitivity is killing me why do you have to nitpick every little scenario can't we just relax but how can i relax i can't relax when you're always stressing everyone out with your need to CONTROL everything because of COURSE you would always get your way the sun rises and sets with you doesn't it.....

or something of the like.

And when it is at its height you are permitted to take a step back and let the inflammation cool.

Just step back,
 take your distance
and allow
 it all

Until finally, instead of are once again left with just the Hansens. Awww, there we go. just look at em.

so sure, we have our fair share of dysfunction, grievances, ungenerous attitudes, misunderstandings, differing opinions, and strong personalities.

we also have laughter, entertaining characters, really fun conversations, cherished memories, happy reunions, and lots of support and love and wisdom.

the saga of our lives continues ever onward, with peaks and valleys and plot twists always to be expected.

we are a beautiful story.

i tell my girls that they are so lucky

because no matter what, we are a family

committed to the 
ideal of 

and that to me, really is perfect.



My brother Jacob and sis-in-law Erica have faced challenges trying to start their family. Check out their Mother's Day gift to the family;)


Katy Nicole. said...

LOVED these pics and the video!!!CONGRATS to Jake and his adorable wife!!!! What a blessing!!

Emily said...

K soo watched this video on fbook when mal posted it. I didn't finish watching it and what the twins?!?!?! How's exciting! Sounds like an answer to prayers! And is Sarah feeding sawyer cream cheese?? He is a chub!

melissa lowry said...

Ok, your family is just too cute. I especially love your love note and flowers. So stinking cute! And that video..... The things we take for granted, what a great reaction from everyone! So great!

I hope you guys are doing great in SoCal!

Rae Corner said...


I know! his thighs are so YUMMY.

Rae Corner said...

thanks katy!

thanks Melissa!