Wednesday, May 15, 2013

this is how it's gonna go down...

I have so much I want to share moving forward, but decided I need a recap week first.

Many happy things have happened in the past month so I must record!

First up:

Flower girls!

Cousin Shannon bestowed this mighty honor, and gave us a good excuse to arrive in California, plunk down for a few weeks, then pack up and head right back for Mother's Day weekend.

It was a beautiful affair. Sorry, no pictures of the actual event though. I left it to the real professionals and instead enjoyed myself catching up with family and friends.

Up next: Mother's Day (and the best surprise eveeeeeer.)


Katy Nicole. said...

They are so cute!! Love the haircuts!! And ok HOT mama in your sassy pencil skirt!!! Miss you!!

rae said...

miss you too katy, can't wait to catch up on a trip back but in the meantime am so glad i can stop in on your blog