Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am still digging slowly out of the sick-house hole we've created in the past couple weeks. Today, I vacuumed. To me, that is the sign of real progress. When there is actually a visible floor in which to clean.

I have a love/hate connection with cleaning. On the one hand, I hate it. duh. On the other, my mind seems to settle and come more alive when I am vigorously engaged in monotonous physical labor. Is it weird to think that my most expansive thoughts have come during a good bathroom scrub?

I like to listen to podcasts while cleaning, mainly. Other days music more aptly suits my mood. Today I'll leave you with a few links that might help you through a day of whatever drudge work you might have on hand to tackle. Let's call this

  The Elevated Laundry Folding series, shall we?!

To listen:

On Being: The Future of Marriage(click here)
{In light of the current events: one of the best conversations I've heard in a long time. I may have a cried a little, I found it so refreshing. }

To read:

Quit pointing your avocado at me (Momastery/click here).

Glennon, how I love you. Nailed it. Have you read her book yet? I grabbed two copies.

To watch: (or listen):

An insightful, fun conversation with Dwight (!!) (Rainn Wilson) from The Office and Oprah: my two favorite people, like ever?!...;)

Listen Here: Oprah and Dwight Audio.
or you can
Watch: Oprah and Dwight Video.

Rainn Wilson's Website SoulPancake.

Off to enjoy a weekend at the ocean. Pinch me!


The Mrs. said...

im pinching you. its real. i might come visit you in the winter.


Rachel Haack said...

Jamee: my door is open!!!! Anytime!!!