Wednesday, June 12, 2013

to the desert!

We had our first official date night since moving! woot woot! We drove to palm springs for the evening and enjoyed dinner under the night sky, twinkly lights, and spray misters relieving the dry heat. It was pretty lovely.

Thirteen years of regularly trying to sneak off to spend time alone together...has it really been so long?

I love you, tyler.

Here's to thirteen (millioncazillion) more.


Joan said...

You look like a movie star in the photo of you walking in front of the stores (the full body shot). You are SUCH a hot mom, Rae..and after FOUR children?! Tyler is one lucky man. You must have the genes of a woman who can pull of 8 children and still look incredible :)

Katy Nicole. said...

Apparently YOU get HOTTER with each child?!!! And each year of marriage??!!!! Please teach me these ways of yours :)

You two are so cute.

Glad y'all got a date night in and a chance to celebrate!Palm Springs!? Fun!!!