Wednesday, June 26, 2013

today i want MY mommy.

{photo catch-up:
my sweet Joanie and her momma Joan came for a quick visit last week....such a treat!}

in unrelated news:

yesterday after i took stock of the damage in a gross house complete with clothes everywhere and coughing kids and total house arrest and fatigue and fast food bags i went a little


my sassy children were pulling each others hair and i immediately loaded us into the car looking like homeless people and promptly drove to the nearest park. i watched them play and wished that for this day they could be back in NV, up at my parents house running wild. and me? i would be happily free for an afternoon to go back home in solitude for a much needed  nap and a few hours to catch up on life. 

this is going to be an adjustment for me.

i've lost my swooper.

what's a swooper, you ask?

my mom is a real swooper type. the kind who, when the going gets rough, tends to swoop on in and help you handle things. the kind that doesn't wait to be asked. with her in the vicinity i just know that clear liquids and popsicles are moments away, my workload suddenly divided in half, children  packed up and distributed between aunties and pop, and one of my favorite parts: a much needed injection of laughter and sparkliness added to my energy field when she bounds in. always quick, always busy, but always merry. such a good mom. 

i can only hope that my girls will like me so much someday.


Ps. Although, just as a side-note, I do have a pretty great husband. He got home from work, found me lying on some couch in abject self-pity, and set to work to team up on everything in general. So I guess you could say I still gots me a swoopdaddy...and a sexy one at that.;)


The Mrs. said...

Oh Rae! I love me some swoopdaddy. HA!
I love that you have a Joanie. So glad she came to see you.


The Mrs. said...

P.S. Tahoe day sounds amazing. Contact me when it's god for you!