Saturday, July 27, 2013

Secret Gardens and such.

We were greeted by a morning of clouds and cooler temperatures. The humidity was pretty sketch but I still decided to venture out for the day.

We headed into Redlands to a current favorite spot near the library.

I played around the with the camera and snapped shots of the lovely homes.
I am figuring that if i take enough pictures of such homes in these younger years, The Secret will magically plop one right square in my lap before I reach retirement.

I've decided that will be my method. Obsess until you possess i guess. Oh you know you that had a nice ring to it. 

Have I mentioned how much I love our old library? 

The BEST part of which are the gated gardens you must enter through the library halls to get to.

I told the girls it is the secret garden where fairies reside.

Lily responded: "Mom, seriously, did you know I'm SEVEN YEARS OLD?"


Then she looked up and around and retracted:
"Wait a minute...I think you're right."

I graciously whispered, "Yep...get used to it, kid."

They spent a good chunk of time wandering in and out, swapping books, searching leaves, and enjoying the plentiful shade.

I love that Lily is reading AND simultaneously aware of Emerson. That is the warmest part of sibling-hood I've witnessed thus far.

The two oldest brawl like equals on many occasions, and Ellie Jane is beginning to join the mix as her immunity to peer law diminishes with age. But, there is always an unspoken caring and stewardship that manifests like stepping stones down from oldest to youngest. And it ripples back up, vice versa, as Lily undoubtedly enjoys a certain level of admiration and celebrity status as eldest of the pack.

I really enjoyed the day with my favorite girls.


Katy Nicole. said...

LOVE your skirt and hair color.

Rachel Haack said...

Thanks! U should go to Teresa, she is bomb