Saturday, August 31, 2013

The San Francisco treat.

Let's talk San Francisco. Tyler surprised me with a spontaneous flight to one of my favorite cities to hang out with my sister. The whole weekend. By myself! 

But before I go on, I guess I should preface this all by clarifying that when I say San Francisco, what I really mean is: 

And when I said one of my favorite cities, I really meant:

And when I said hang out with my sister, I really meant: 

Okay, glad we got that cleared up.

Such a cute nephew, yes? I'm entering nephew season. Did you know I am set to gain THREE new nephews by this November?! One due any day, and the next two in a couple months. That gives me a grand total of six little nephews under the age of FOUR. Did your head just explode?

Just imagine my heart.

Wah wah.

Imagine the millions of dollars Hallmark has to pay their staff for this kind of material, and I'm just busting it out right here on the internet for free. Ba BAM.

 Moving on...

What? When I said moving on, I meant to more pictures of Sawyer. What did you think I meant?

Fine. There are those other two people who feed him and change his diapers and whatever, I guess.

It was both bizarre and wonderful to arrive at their house childless. I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I think Chris and Sarh didn't know what to do with me either. For starters, without my children, I had become four times more sane and sixteen times less entertaining. When they asked me what I wanted to do for the weekend, my list was enormous:

1. Stare at a wall in silence for 45 minutes.
2. Eat.
3. Indulge in quality time with my nephew sans the usual gaggle of children pulling on me in competition.
4. Watch trash television. Please tell me you've dvr'd the latest Real Housewives episodes.

And like a good sister, Sarah had indeed recorded what was most important in life and we talked about all the meaningful relationships and ideas worthy of deep philosophical import. 
Oh my gosh Vicky's chin implant is nasty biz and Tamra is my favorite oh yeah mine too and I'm so glad Lydia is the new girl have you seen Pretty Wicked Moms oh my gosh you have to see it I totally want to buy one of those matte fuschia lipglosses you know those ones that stay on pretty well but it can't be too dry you know because then it starts to show the cracks in your lips and i think Kat Vondee's line has a good one but I never liked her since the whole sandra bullock thing and i know they say oh jesse james and her were already broken up but really sandra pee'd on that tree and once sandra pees on something you don't just go around messing with her marked trees you know so whatevs but if it's the right color it's the right color, right?

And I don't care. Because if you can't talk stupid meaningless crap with your sister then who CAN you talk about it with? But to be fair, we do engage in much, much deeper conversations.

Like shampoo comparison.

I don't want to get you in over your head though, so I'll save such elevated dialogue for another day.

Oh my, I love that wittle round Sawyer boy face...

And to return to my Hallmark material, I really love this little family as well.  I love watching my siblings become parents. Such good parents too. It's completely heartwarming.

And validating. All those special moments. Like this one, priceless...

Sarah and Chris, I'm so glad I'm here to help you capture life's precious memories. Memories that I can then blog publicly about on the internet. I'm sure you are too.That's what an older sister is for. wink.

It was a fun weekend. Thank you and I love you Miss Sarah, Uncle Chwistomer, and most importantly....

Sawyer Gurries!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Checking in.

 Why hello.

So, life has returned to non-stop go go go go go.With my upcoming schedule I am going to have to fight really hardish (not a word), to keep the updates of our lives going.

And I haven't forgotten about our next installment of Radical Homemaking either. Interview is in the works.

A few days before the kids went back to school, a few of my (newest) friends ( i know, right!?!!!) had a fantastic idea. We decided to treat ourselves to a big mom-fest spa day before we were summoned to our glorified roles as chauffeurs for the rest of the year, buried in gymnastics lessons and piano practice and homework and chicken nuggets in a muggy vehicle. Somebody save us!

People. This was straight genius. Outrageous really. Now, I kinda just want to make it my mission to go around the earth gathering tired, stressed out women (basically...everyone.), pack them in my suitcase and return them all where they belong. We'll call it something humble yet catchy like "Rae Saves the World."

 Glen Ivy Hotsprings. Is. where. it's. at!

I really like these new ladies. It was so fun hanging out and getting to know each other better over mud baths, lounge pools, mineral spas, massages, and yummy farmy organic hopelessly snooty food.

I know. You hate me, right? Until I come and pick you up in my suitcase and we will go together. 


Then! Thennnnnnn!! if that wasn't enough... 
I had a trip lined up to go see The San Francisco sister.

Up next!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to school.

We threw together a (pretty last minute) back to school bash the day before the girls were set to begin. 

I have always loved this idea as a tradition, shared by the inspirational Nie Nie.
Each school year begins with a feast and a scripture/quote to serve as the theme for the upcoming school year.

The girls spent the afternoon cutting paper for our make-shift banner and crowns.

This is what we came up with: taaaa daaaaa!!!:

The menu was extremely fancy:

hot dogs.
I don't think we even had a vegetable, truthfully.
The only fruit was our fruit water, which served as a prime example of the indefensibly sad state and effectiveness of marketing strategy....
thirst was indeed quenched without fruit OR water.


Granny B sugar cookies from Walmart.


because sometimes what is simplest and easiest is best, that's why.

I selected a simple scripture quote as well, 

"...for the Lord is a God of Knowledge..." Samuel 2:3

We told our girls that one way to think of God is to think of a person who knows the MOST. Is the smartest and the wisest. Has read every single book and can solve any equation and design the most amazing inventions. This is the kind of God we look to model. And we model that God by learning. Learning is a privilege. Learning helps us grow. Learning helps us progress and move forward. Like in Meet The Robinson's (best movie ever)....

keep moving forward.

We talked about all the subjects we are now lucky enough, in today's day and age, to learn about. We talked about the pictures and the books and the information we can get for just about any topic want to. Pretty amazing if you think about it. Like penguins, for instance. Did you ever stop to think that just two hundred years ago most people knew nothing about penguins? Had never seen a penguin. Read about a penguin. Couldn't even possibly know that they liked or hated or wanted to see penguins?!!! It's outrageous I tell you! I mean, here we are, people, reading about penguins in first grade. We see stuffed penguins and movie penguins and Christmas penguins and zoo penguins all over the place and we think nothing of it. It's just another penguin. But really...really, it's a freaking PENGUIN! 

Are you following me here?


We love learning. I hope my girls will too.

First day of school shots!!!:

My heart my heart my bleeeeeding heart. My second grader and Kindergartner.

And my two baby hooligans. I returned home with just two babies. It was bizarre and suddenly two kids seemed like life simplified. ha!

They had a great first day and week. 

Lily has repeatedly remarked,

"I canNOT canNOT canNOT believe I..... ME!.... I am a SECOND GRADER."

London has taken to school instantly. LOVES IT. Except, when she informed me that during her first day too many teachers were "bossin' her up." 
Telling her to get in this line and that line. It was all quite dramatic.

I'm loving the return to routine and normalcy. It's just crazy to me that we are already here. In this place, at these ages, in this stage of life. 

Trust me Lily Lu, I get you. Mama canNOT canNOT canNOT believe you are a SECOND GRADER either.

Forward ho!