Tuesday, August 20, 2013

9 years.

We celebrate 9 years of marriage today. (!!??!!)

I love him. Today is going to be uncharacteristically lame as far as celebrating goes. We're tired and it's mid-week and we have just decided to postpone all hoopin' and a'hollerin for when my Mom comes to watch the girls for the weekend in Sept. Then it'll be going down.

Until then...

Tyler Haack,

I love you now more than I did then. Really. You are my favorite part of this good life. My resting place. My best friend. An amazing man. I just can't believe I'm lucky enough to call myself your girl.;)

I'm going to record a few favorite memories we've made from year nine, in no particular order:

* The night we sat at Thai food in Reno, sharing curry and spring rolls, and decided, "Cool. Let's do this. Let's move to California." We just sorta looked at each other feeling a little giddy and weird. Like really? We have children and jobs and a house and we can make any decision we want because we are grown-ups. Why is it that we never feel like we're grown-up? I mean, for crying out loud...we still use the term grown-ups. As if it is some sort of separate category. A club, a society, we have yet to be inducted into. When will that happen? I keep waiting for it to happen but it never does. Is it the forties? fifties? Once we have grandchildren? Will we always be in perpetual denial? Oh well, who cares. I like playing life, and house, and parenthood, with you.

* Watching you stoically set up all Christmas eve, little girl toy mania gifts. You were so tired. I was so tired. And yet you dutifully stayed up, cheerful and on task, building bikes and reading instruction manuals and clicking together princess castles (with four HUNDRED MILLION freaking pieces). You are one helluva Santa Claus. And way more sexy.

*The night you randomly told me how much you loved me in the car outside of our new house here in Cali. You always tell me you love me, we say it all the time, but this time was special and unexpected and very much an I really mean it kind of I-love-you talk. It was vulnerable and heartfelt and it still makes me cry a little to think of that conversation in a spontaneous moment.  It was awfully sweet.

*Playing in the pool together on our last date night. 10pm. You and me, attempting cheer stunts in the water. You just need to hold my feet properly, I need to tighten up, and bam!, we will nail that cupie-whatever-the-heck-it's-called pose. In the meantime, it was fun splashing around and being nerds. I'm sure those teenage lovers over in the hot-tub found us old people in the pool entirely inspirational. Not weird or inappropriate at all.

*Speaking of weird and inappropriate, I appreciate the night in which you calmed the angry police officer, who was going to arrest me, down. Yes, we had parked in an undisclosed, completely private location and were getting a little frisky in our vehicle. But hello! We had a babysitter! And it wasn't like what we were doing was even remotely R-rated or even to a PG-13 level (yet?)... and here comes Mr. Officer Jerkface shining his light into our vehicle and lecturing us. (!!?) So when I used my tax-paying-citizen-of-a free-country voice and expressed my disapproval of his snarky tone, requesting that he tell us specifically if there was anything illegal about what we were doing, you accurately assessed the escalating exchange, knowing me well enough to foresee that I was prepared to go down in a fiery, handcuffed, blaze of glory on behalf of all undersexed parents in America. As this was sure to undermine my eligibility in any and all PTA meetings, I'm grateful for you jumping in and taking over to calm the situation down when all signs of the immediate future were pointing to me landing my very first mug-shot photo op. I was planning to smile very cute-like in it, btw. Just in case you were wondering. With two thumbs up.
However, still, I don't appreciate Officer Annoying. Pff. I mean really, despite our antics...we were two MARRIED ADULTS, with FOUR CHILDREN, all safely tucked in bed at HOME, with a BABYSITTER, making out in a vehicle. I say we deserve a medal.

*And last but not least, and most recent, saying goodbye to our girls on their first day of school. I like that it hurt you as much as it did me. Let's keep hurting together, and hold on tightly to each other with our wrinkly, bony, old arms someday as our children keep leaving us. Let's keep making out in cars too. That will be fun. If I get my first mug shot at the ripe-old age of 82 (or so) with you for indecent exposure it is only then that I will consider our marriage a case-closed-no-doubt-about-it success. Until that time...

here's to many more years in between of making good memories.

I love you, love you, loooooove you.




Lori Haack said...

Wow--what can I say except that this is exactly what every parent wants for their children. Being loved by the spouse they chose and your son being a wonderful husband and father. Melts my heart and brings happy tears to my eyes. Since you aren’t going out tonight, maybe it is a good time to read the box of high school notes that I returned to you on your first anniversary! Happy Anniversary--Love, Mom & Dad (aka Nonna & Pop)

Rachel Haack said...

Aww, thanks Nonna:) You gave me a great guy, I am forever indebted! Excited to see u soon!

Joan said...

Congrats you two, crazy love birds! :)

Emily said...

You guys inspire me!

Shinae said...

Happy 9 years! crazy how fast that went by. :)

Ashley said...

Could you two be any cuter? Seriously I need to know your secret and how you balance everything so perfectly. Wishing you two many many many more happy years together!

Rachel Haack said...

Thanks Nae Nae and Emily!

Ash: oh my gosh we are INSANE. Perfect and BALANCE are not the words to describe our lives, but thank you none the less. :)

Ashley said...

Well let's just say INSANE looks good on you two! I must admit I am jealous :)