Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to school.

We threw together a (pretty last minute) back to school bash the day before the girls were set to begin. 

I have always loved this idea as a tradition, shared by the inspirational Nie Nie.
Each school year begins with a feast and a scripture/quote to serve as the theme for the upcoming school year.

The girls spent the afternoon cutting paper for our make-shift banner and crowns.

This is what we came up with: taaaa daaaaa!!!:

The menu was extremely fancy:

hot dogs.
I don't think we even had a vegetable, truthfully.
The only fruit was our fruit water, which served as a prime example of the indefensibly sad state and effectiveness of marketing strategy....
thirst was indeed quenched without fruit OR water.


Granny B sugar cookies from Walmart.


because sometimes what is simplest and easiest is best, that's why.

I selected a simple scripture quote as well, 

"...for the Lord is a God of Knowledge..." Samuel 2:3

We told our girls that one way to think of God is to think of a person who knows the MOST. Is the smartest and the wisest. Has read every single book and can solve any equation and design the most amazing inventions. This is the kind of God we look to model. And we model that God by learning. Learning is a privilege. Learning helps us grow. Learning helps us progress and move forward. Like in Meet The Robinson's (best movie ever)....

keep moving forward.

We talked about all the subjects we are now lucky enough, in today's day and age, to learn about. We talked about the pictures and the books and the information we can get for just about any topic want to. Pretty amazing if you think about it. Like penguins, for instance. Did you ever stop to think that just two hundred years ago most people knew nothing about penguins? Had never seen a penguin. Read about a penguin. Couldn't even possibly know that they liked or hated or wanted to see penguins?!!! It's outrageous I tell you! I mean, here we are, people, reading about penguins in first grade. We see stuffed penguins and movie penguins and Christmas penguins and zoo penguins all over the place and we think nothing of it. It's just another penguin. But really...really, it's a freaking PENGUIN! 

Are you following me here?


We love learning. I hope my girls will too.

First day of school shots!!!:

My heart my heart my bleeeeeding heart. My second grader and Kindergartner.

And my two baby hooligans. I returned home with just two babies. It was bizarre and suddenly two kids seemed like life simplified. ha!

They had a great first day and week. 

Lily has repeatedly remarked,

"I canNOT canNOT canNOT believe I..... ME!.... I am a SECOND GRADER."

London has taken to school instantly. LOVES IT. Except, when she informed me that during her first day too many teachers were "bossin' her up." 
Telling her to get in this line and that line. It was all quite dramatic.

I'm loving the return to routine and normalcy. It's just crazy to me that we are already here. In this place, at these ages, in this stage of life. 

Trust me Lily Lu, I get you. Mama canNOT canNOT canNOT believe you are a SECOND GRADER either.

Forward ho!


The Mrs. said...

So cute. I love that tradition too. This year we did lifesavers with the term "Prayer is a Lifesaver" and The scripture was 3 Nephi 18:3. I guess I could have just put all that on my blog. oh well. I love getting ideas from others too.

honestly though, that kid next to Lily in the pic of her in her classroom...HE IS HUGE.


Mary said...

Hi Rachel!
I enjoyed your post. We just sent Amber off to first grade and it's been great for her. They grow up so fast. It's happy and a little sad.

Hope you are enjoying So. Cal. I would love to see posts of your new home and projects.



Rachel Haack said...

Jamee- I didn't notice until you pointed it out! He is a rather substantial kid!;)
Cute idea...prayer is a lifesaver...i'm going to have to bookmark that one.

Mary: Hi Mary!!! I can't believe it, cute Amber in FIRST? Seriously, so crazy! I will post pics of my house soon, I really don't have much done yet!

Emily said...

She is NOT a second grader. Seems like only yesterday Sarah and I were living in that little basement apartment and lily was running down the hallway in her diaper and crashing on the love sac. Or the time, at Sarah's wedding, we pretended we were in Cinderella's castle and feel asleep on the princess bed. Or at least I did. They may have gotten up and runaway after they drugged me. Cute girls!

Rachel Haack said...

Em, I know...I can't believe it has gone so fast. I remember her running around still in a diaper when I came to visit u guys in that little apartment!!!! She was like sawyers exact age now....bizarre. We need to arrange a meetup...we aren't that far from AZ. U and Sarah should come meet here at my house! We can hang at the pool, go to the beach, u can bring your cccccute boys!: think about it!