Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Checking in.

 Why hello.

So, life has returned to non-stop go go go go go.With my upcoming schedule I am going to have to fight really hardish (not a word), to keep the updates of our lives going.

And I haven't forgotten about our next installment of Radical Homemaking either. Interview is in the works.

A few days before the kids went back to school, a few of my (newest) friends ( i know, right!?!!!) had a fantastic idea. We decided to treat ourselves to a big mom-fest spa day before we were summoned to our glorified roles as chauffeurs for the rest of the year, buried in gymnastics lessons and piano practice and homework and chicken nuggets in a muggy vehicle. Somebody save us!

People. This was straight genius. Outrageous really. Now, I kinda just want to make it my mission to go around the earth gathering tired, stressed out women (basically...everyone.), pack them in my suitcase and return them all where they belong. We'll call it something humble yet catchy like "Rae Saves the World."

 Glen Ivy Hotsprings. Is. where. it's. at!

I really like these new ladies. It was so fun hanging out and getting to know each other better over mud baths, lounge pools, mineral spas, massages, and yummy farmy organic hopelessly snooty food.

I know. You hate me, right? Until I come and pick you up in my suitcase and we will go together. 


Then! Thennnnnnn!! if that wasn't enough... 
I had a trip lined up to go see The San Francisco sister.

Up next!


The Mrs. said...

Is that even allowed?!
And another trip on top of that? I thought that was against the rules??!!?

Who makes the rules anyway?


Rachel Haack said...

Amen!!! Who does make the rules that says a mom can't have THIS much fun?! BOOO to that. I'm takin' over!!!;)

Joan said...

So so so happy you had a relaxing getaway. I feel refreshed (partially) just by looking at your photos :)
Looove that sassy pic of you and your sis.