Wednesday, August 14, 2013

every last drop.

wow. we had a great weekend.

i still can't really believe we live here. so close to so many fun destinations. we decided that, for the first day of our final summer hoopla, we would hit the beach. we drove to san diego to check out a spot our new friends recommended.

we weren't disappointed.

i couldn't get my kids to look towards the camera if their lives depended on it. stinkers.

 {genius idea we copied from my sister: bring a really small baby pool to the beach. fill with water for the baby and then you don't have to worry about them in the waves constantly. as you can see, it wasn't such a hit with emerson in this shot but she really did love it. no really.}

the surf was perfect. just what my insanely paranoid self needs.

the ocean is like a massive trigger to all my freaked out mother anxieties. not to be dramatic or anything, but i pictured the sea largely as the foaming jaws of riptide hell, just waiting to suck my babies out and swallow them whole where they will be chewed on by sea urchins for eternity. crazy much? that's what tyler said.

when we made our first trip (about a month ago) i pounced back and forth like a nervous cat, watching and waiting and shrieking every five seconds for the safety of my litter. it was a little bizarre to behold, i'm sure, for the regular beach goers. their children swam in and out, propelled foward on boogie boards only to turn around, dive back in and begin again. reckless mothers.

I didn't really calm down until it was graciously pointed out by my uncle and later confirmed by repeated, psychotically close observation:

the shallow surf actually has a nice pattern of pull and push that spits my girls back on shore within a few seconds of their immersion into each crashing wave. good to know. doesn't change my plans to stand militantly on guard, sporting my neon foam visor and trusty whistle, equipped with all necessary water rescue flotation devices, signalling distress calls the moment they've gone out too far (anything past knee-deep is just asking for trouble, people! move it on in! move it on in!).

 but yes, still good to know.

 it was quite fun.

and they are the cutest, adventurous little beach babes.

up next,

day two: 

a spontaneous surprise.


Ashley said...

Disneyland! You just made me even more excited to go next month!! Even though I am really thinking I might be crazy taking a barely ONE year old. How did Emerson do? We will be there September 18-20th just in case ;)

Joan said...

I just keep thinking how much work traveling is with children. Don't get me wrong, there are beautiful moments of sweet perfection--but with A LOT of patience testing, physical and mental work, planning, packing, unloading, repacking, feeding, wiping, worrying, and always, always count on sleep deprivation to be a part of the equation! Not to mention: EXPENSIVE!
Thankfully, despite all the blood, sweat and tears it is still worth every effort. A little smile or squeal of delight and nighttime snuggle or "That was the best day EVER!" It makes it all worth it.

Alexis said...

How does this work??? I love the ocean and live in the desert. My kids (most of them) have lived almost on the ocean (Dan, Jacob, Ian, Forrest, Sarah @ BYU Rachel in So Cal)!!!
Well it is good to know that when I am in the "nursing home" know the nursing home that is my kid's least the location will be terrific:)
Love MOM

Lacy said...

Hey always love love love all your posts. I was just in Southeast Asia for a few months and at sometimes went days without checking internet. But when I would check, raescorner was in the top five sights I would check along with gmail, BBC, facebook, and somesort of google search of my next destination. Where exactly in So Cal do you live??? Sometime in September I am heading down your way to visit all my friends in LA/San Diego, for a few weeks. Would love to come see you and meet all your girls, I have not seen you since London was 2!!! Miss you, Love you..and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you xoxoxo hug Ty

Rachel Haack said...

@ Ashley- oh my gosh we might go one of those days! Text me and we should meet up? I don't want to crash your family time though so u let me know what is best for u!

@joanie- so funny that u elaborated on this reality. Seriously, it is SO HARD. Tyler and I were fantasizing about redo-ing the whole weekend again by OURSELVES. Haha! But heck, ya do it for them I guess. The ultimate lesson of parenting: it's not about you anymore!

Rachel Haack said...


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you. I want to hear all about your travels and catch up! Email me your number? Or, do u still have the old lacy at aol email address? That's the one I have.