Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's phonedump and The Voice.

About The Voice:

I have been trying to capture London's voice for some time on camera. Problem is, she doesn't really like the camera...or attention for that matter. She isn't a huge talker around other people, and this natural introversion is compounded when she does speak to others, because often times adults will mimic what she says to them or give her a real, starry eyed look that lets her know they must think she is adorable or something and she SHUTS IT DOWN. Because nothing in life is more insulting to London Rae than to be publicly paid a compliment

But please, if you see her, don't stop affirming her insane level of adorable-ish-ness. I'm sure she'll appreciate the large reserve of self-confidence built up in these years that she can tap into when she becomes an impressionable adolescent and begins browsing high fashion magazines that make her sense of identity evaporate.

There are total golden moments when we're home and she gets really chatty and I'm sure my heart is going to explode. She goes on with her Londstories and Londramas and Tyler and I just keep giving each other oh man. oh man. oh mannnnn. she's cute looks and listen. Her voice is such PURE GOLD to me. I'm hoping to capture sound bytes over the next year that I can listen to as daily meditations when I deal with her as a teenager? Good idea? I think YES. 

The following is a recording after I picked them up from a Bible camp they were invited to attend with neighbor kids from another denomination. This is from the LRT version of the Bible: The London Rae Translation. My favorite translation thus far, including this awesomely {inaccurate} tidbit about Jesus:

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