Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rad Homemaking Part III: Proceed with caution.

I'm postponing the interview with one of my favorite productive homemakers until sometime next week. 


Because I am in no state to speak coherently about this thankless, treacherous, eternal toil. Except to tell you that, as a happy homemaker raising children, my life this week was nothing more than the definition of insanity. Repeatedly performing the same work over and over and actually expecting such tasks to get done, only to find all of my domestic endeavors either
messed up again
pooped on
rubbed down with mascara
systematically destroyed by Lily, 
as was the case when she took tyler's hand saw out of the garage and cut my broom in TWO in order to design her "obstacle course" in the backyard.


This week didn't feel like a productive week of homemaking, so much as one of homeyelling, homecrying, homestomping, homecountdown till school starts. Which, btw, did you realize there are actual homemakers out there who also homeschool? What is this phenomena?
 They are equipped with a type of superpower I was never given.
 Like an invisible IV drip of Xanax, or something.

I leave you instead with this interview conducted at 10pm with the notorious Ellie Jane. We thought she was asleep, as the upstairs was peaceful and quiet after we had tucked the kids in bed. After conclusion of this film it was discovered that the mascara on her precious face had also been painted over literally, every. single. wall. upstairs.

Happy Homemaking.

Please, go on without me.


Katy Nicole. said...

As usual.. your realness is REFRESHING!!! You had to be DYING on the inside as you addressed Ellie Jane's mascara escapade!!! That little face is too much. She is a gem. And Lilly's woodwork..for her obstacle course?!! HAHA. You can't buy such entertainment. I know it doesn't always feel like that..but gosh they are the CUTEST!!!!

thepainterfamily said...

Ha! Love it.

*also, just seeing your comment...but yes yes...same cabinets, just painted. I'm no painting expert, but it's my guess you could totally do it. There's a paint for everything right? But I understand the fear...I was super nervous about how it would withstand my kiddos daily abuses (think play shopping cart rammed repeatedly) 7 months later...looks perfect!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! Her little voice and her precious facial expressions! How could you ever be mad at her?!?!