Thursday, August 15, 2013

summer hoopla day two: let's get our priorities straight, shall we?

While discussing what we should do with our second day of the summer hoopla, we began a serious examination of our finances and budget. We were quite studious, rising to fulfill the solemn role of adult-ish parents. A thoughtful discussion began, in which we considered the top, most consequential, priorities and financial goals for the long term futures of the Haack lady clan. It was evident, as is always evident, that responsible, adult-ish parents understand that choices must be made. 

Wife: meh, who needs a college education really? i mean like, am i right or am i right?

Husband: Tttttruedat.

We are now the proud owners of Disneyland season passes.

{insert two parents fist bumping, woot wooting, raise the roofin', whippin' hair back and forthin', harlem shakin', and all the corresponding adult-ish not embarrassing AT ALL dance moves here}


Joan said...

Ugh, I am SO bah humbug about Disneyland. I wish I weren't such a party pooper. I just look at the cute Mickey lolipop that Emerson is enjoying and I think, "Gosh, that thing probably set them back five dollars. Why is Disneyland such a rip off?!"
Really, really Joan?! Why can't I think about all the magical delight in your children's eyes?! I am such a cheap A some times. yuck.

With all that unnecessary commentary aside: The photos are lovely, I'm so glad you took the plunge (some times/often times the "FUN" choice should out weigh the "Conservative/practical/Type A/Miser" choice) and I love, LOVE your family!

Karrasch Clique said...

I actually can't believe that it took you THIS long to become season pass brainer in my book :) Fun! Fun! Fun! You are the best!

Alexis said...

This makes my heart smile!!! The happiest place on earth. You know how much I love Disneyland and I'm so glad you belong to that "elite" club of "season pass holders":)
Ok in this order...
Jesus Christ
George Washington
WALT DISNEY!!!! He has done so much to bring families together in wholesome fun and magical memories (and yes it costs a bunch...) but that is the American free enterprise system...I read his biography and the catalyst for his dream to build Disneyland was while he was sitting on a park bench and watching his daughters on a merry go round and he thought how fun it would be to have a park that involved parents as well as the kids in the experience...You know - the magic that occurs for both kids and parents when parents watch the look of wonder and awe on their kids faces when they see Cinderella and the wonderful memories kids have of their parents screaming like babies on Hotel Tower of Terror ;)
That is the essence of get to be kids and parents get to be kids again, and children get to see their parents in a different light...
O.K...There is my speech (and no I do not own stock in Disney;) Just a rabid fan of the Parks...(not a fan of Corporate since Disney family doesn't have the control anymore)...
So I leave my testimony of Disneyland with you in the name of Walt Disney...AMEN

The Mrs. said...

hols on.

I'm still laughing at your moms comment.

OK. Maybe I will venture there sometime. I'm not brave yet.



Rachel Haack said...

Joan: I hope you've reconsidered after my moms brilliant IN DEFENSE OF DISNEYLAND manifesto. Bravo Alexis! Sarah and I were laughing and loving and agreeing with every word. Haha. Too funny...

Rachel Haack said...

As far as tips go, just go in the off season! We have found that September and February are lowest traffic months. But we've in November,oct, and march too and the crowds are more minimal. See fantasmic and world of colors shows: do the parades, all of it!!!!!!!
We also watch lots of Disney classics to get prepped and in the spirit before going. Oh my gosh just talking about this is making me want to go right now. I can't believe I have turned into one of those Disney crazy people!

Joan said...

Hahha! You bet I have :)

The Mrs. said...

Thanks so much!! I love any excuse to watch the classics.


Kerry said...

I'm so happy for you guys!!! You'll love it, and hopefully we run into you soon (like this Sunday, we'll be there). :)

Rachel Haack said...

@ Kerry
We won't be there sunday:( But I will email u and we should arrange a meet up!