Saturday, August 31, 2013

The San Francisco treat.

Let's talk San Francisco. Tyler surprised me with a spontaneous flight to one of my favorite cities to hang out with my sister. The whole weekend. By myself! 

But before I go on, I guess I should preface this all by clarifying that when I say San Francisco, what I really mean is: 

And when I said one of my favorite cities, I really meant:

And when I said hang out with my sister, I really meant: 

Okay, glad we got that cleared up.

Such a cute nephew, yes? I'm entering nephew season. Did you know I am set to gain THREE new nephews by this November?! One due any day, and the next two in a couple months. That gives me a grand total of six little nephews under the age of FOUR. Did your head just explode?

Just imagine my heart.

Wah wah.

Imagine the millions of dollars Hallmark has to pay their staff for this kind of material, and I'm just busting it out right here on the internet for free. Ba BAM.

 Moving on...

What? When I said moving on, I meant to more pictures of Sawyer. What did you think I meant?

Fine. There are those other two people who feed him and change his diapers and whatever, I guess.

It was both bizarre and wonderful to arrive at their house childless. I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I think Chris and Sarh didn't know what to do with me either. For starters, without my children, I had become four times more sane and sixteen times less entertaining. When they asked me what I wanted to do for the weekend, my list was enormous:

1. Stare at a wall in silence for 45 minutes.
2. Eat.
3. Indulge in quality time with my nephew sans the usual gaggle of children pulling on me in competition.
4. Watch trash television. Please tell me you've dvr'd the latest Real Housewives episodes.

And like a good sister, Sarah had indeed recorded what was most important in life and we talked about all the meaningful relationships and ideas worthy of deep philosophical import. 
Oh my gosh Vicky's chin implant is nasty biz and Tamra is my favorite oh yeah mine too and I'm so glad Lydia is the new girl have you seen Pretty Wicked Moms oh my gosh you have to see it I totally want to buy one of those matte fuschia lipglosses you know those ones that stay on pretty well but it can't be too dry you know because then it starts to show the cracks in your lips and i think Kat Vondee's line has a good one but I never liked her since the whole sandra bullock thing and i know they say oh jesse james and her were already broken up but really sandra pee'd on that tree and once sandra pees on something you don't just go around messing with her marked trees you know so whatevs but if it's the right color it's the right color, right?

And I don't care. Because if you can't talk stupid meaningless crap with your sister then who CAN you talk about it with? But to be fair, we do engage in much, much deeper conversations.

Like shampoo comparison.

I don't want to get you in over your head though, so I'll save such elevated dialogue for another day.

Oh my, I love that wittle round Sawyer boy face...

And to return to my Hallmark material, I really love this little family as well.  I love watching my siblings become parents. Such good parents too. It's completely heartwarming.

And validating. All those special moments. Like this one, priceless...

Sarah and Chris, I'm so glad I'm here to help you capture life's precious memories. Memories that I can then blog publicly about on the internet. I'm sure you are too.That's what an older sister is for. wink.

It was a fun weekend. Thank you and I love you Miss Sarah, Uncle Chwistomer, and most importantly....

Sawyer Gurries!


The Andersens said...

Okay, that's it!! If you keep up this wonderful ridiculousness I am going to be forced to stop reading your blog! I mean really, like 5 posts back I was already green... literally green... with envy, but then I was like, oh well, I'll have somewhere to stay when we make the venture to Disneyland. They can keep their season passes. But then, right when the suck really started sucking and a back to school my kids... and I! went, then you went and broke the rules going to the spa! Seriously Rae, I can hardly stand it even while I type. And now.. now... now... a kid free trip to San Fran?!?! OMG I didn't know it was possible to both love and hate someone so much all at the same time. And to miss them. I didn't know. Please for the love of all sanity in the rule following world of parenthood have a bad day! JK I don't really want you to... your grandeur doesn't diminish me! (I have to repeat that in my head the whole time I read your beautiful blog) xoxoxoxox I really do love you... and envy you... and miss you!!!

Rachel Haack said...

A haaa haaa! Oh Lenaya I love you. You've fallen prey to the common illness: blog dysmorphia!!!! I get it all the time too! It's like you are sitting knee deep in crap and fatigue and monotony but there's that stupid blogger lady off to freaking Paris to renovate her 18th century barnhouse with her unlimited budget, or some such!
I think given what you've gone through lately you DESERVE a good retreat. Come see me?!!! We will cure you of your pea green envy in no time. Ha!

Emily said...

I suffer from blog dysmorphia when i read your blog too...oh and i miss sarah!

Shinae said...

I appreciate that you throw in a poop picture every few months....keeps things real.

Rachel Haack said...

Sarah and I are in cahoots to plan a meetup!!! She misses u too!

Rachel Haack said...

You know it.

And yet I'm sure with how much you've witnessed in all our years as friends u would never fall prey to blog dysmorphia. You would instantly know that 1) there is always poop in my life and 2) I totally made up the term blog dysmorphia.

Katy Nicole. said...

I am so happy for you and your escape to San Fran! Go, Tyler!!! Those "deep" sister conversations are really the best..couldn't agree more. And Sawyer is SO dang adorable-CUTE family!!!

Loved the pics!!