Monday, September 9, 2013

The hipsters take Disneyland.

Of course, no visit from relatives is complete without a trip to the Magic Kingdom!

I have a feeling there are going to be frequent recurring disney albums posted to this blog throughout the coming year. But never fear!

The little ladies have decided to add a new fashion twist to the narration of family adventures.

Hipster rims make multiple appearances, as you will soon see.

{another day of {{excruciatingly HOT}} Haack family fun, in no particular order}

{we spent a large chunk of time in the splash land of Bug's life. It was seriously sooo hot, thank heavens for water!}

Dear hipster movement,

I have a feeling that in just a few short years, you are going to be really, rrrrrreally embarrassed. Take it from a girl who gets caught up with multiple trends, only to find herself ceremoniously burning every photo album dating over 3 years-old in abject self-shame and humiliatingly clear 20/20 hindsight. I look like sssssssssuch an idiot. And most of the time, so do you.

However, you are welcome for the generous loan of my daughters to your fad. I think you will have no choice but to agree: they make it all look really, rrrrreally cute.

{cute Uncle Al and Ellie Jane: total buds.}

{London prefers to ride in comfort and style. We bring the stroller more for her than for the babies. We've even managed to pack ALL FOUR into it. Yep. Now that's what I call efficiency - or, "How to get a lot of curious stares from onlookers"}

{look who lost her first tooth! The second one had already grown in behind it, so I guess we have to keep hoping for the future toothless grin}

But regardless of the heat, it was a great, memory making day. So glad we convinced Nonna, Papa, and Alex to get annual passes so they can come back and go again!

The End!

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Alexis said...

You already know I am a fan of the Haack family. But would it be weird if I wanted Alex to marry Mallory? Love that guy!!! Can't get enough of those Haacks;)