Thursday, September 26, 2013

The last days.

Summer is winding to a stop over here.

We're still squeezing the last few drops out, but this time around the anxiety isn't building because I don't have to fear the hard grasp of winter here like I did in NV. In fact, I'm hoping that it will at least get a little cold. I am a slightly envious to think of everyone back home, feeling the first bites of a frosty morning and getting cozy. That is such a good feeling. But it is short lived for me. Within a few, brief weeks I'm just plain cold and annoyed and ready for Spring, which takes another 5 months to resurface and is so darn rebellious in its consistency.

It's been about six months since our move. Sheesh. Time flies. I feel a nervous breakdown coming on just thinking about how much transpired in that time. It was so much work, and I'm just starting to feel like I have sunk my toes into this place. I can look around and see the familiar. The roads are easier to navigate, I've gathered my bearings and can orient myself in our 20 mile radius, and all boxes are unpacked. Well, there is one closet still stuffed full of junk to be sorted, but meh.

We've made some friends too, which has made a huge difference. Kind folks who have really opened their arms and their homes to us. We knew we needed to be more social, and this move gave us the chance to open up and be a little more...vulnerable I guess? For all my blabbing I can get a little cantankerous when it comes to sociability. Not to mention it is always interesting to learn about oneself when you move into an area where you are entirely new. Nobody knows me from Adam. As such, I've learned that I'm kind of a blathering moron in new social contexts. I can hear myself speaking whilst thinking the entire time, you sound like a complete idiot. Luckily, many of my new friends come from church, where you are regularly commanded by Jesus Himself to be friends with the complete idiots and as such they are generous and forgiving and naive enough to think maybe it's just a first six months sort of thing? Here's hoping!

Tyler has been so good and attentive towards me during this whole process. Gosh, I married a good man. I knew he wanted to do right by our family, as always. And he knew it would be weird for me to lose all of my support system and start fresh with four babies to tend solo. I'd been a spoiled diva for some time, and nobody was more aware of this than Tyler. He's been so good at assessing our days and pulling out the raemometer to foresee a pending explosion. Just last night he got home, took the girls to the park while I taught a few piano lessons, fed them dinner, and handled the entire night-time-pajamas-reading-wrangling unruly girls-bedtime routine so I could slip out and go spend my "night off" eating sushi with friends. Doesn't get better than that, I tell ya. We've kinda worked out this system and it's going nicely. Tonight is his night off, which means he'll probably go play basketball and cash in his get-out-of-all-evening-responsibilities-and-bedtime-routine card. Well deserved, my love!

So that's my six-month check up. We are content and there is plenty of joy, even though life is crazy and rather chaotic on a day-to-day basis. I'm back in school too (?!!), so blog posts are sure to be more erratic than ever. Which makes me sad because there is so much I want to share. I have another installment of Radical Homemaking coming up. Also, I've been getting my home decorating on, and want to share the progress we've made on the house. I've been consulting home design ideas with a pal here and oh boy is she ttttrouble. I might photograph her house and show you just for kicks. Homegirl has an eye. Such an eye. And Meal Planning Mondays, where have they been? I have food recipes to share!

All of these things will come, with irregular regularity. Now there's a true theme of this blog if I ever did hear one.

{{Goodbye Summer!}}


The Mrs. said...

Im cozy by my fire reading your blog...that I have checked 6 times since your last post!



Joan said...

That last pic is priceless! :) Made me smile.
I'm so proud if you for going back to school. It can be daunting, overwhelming, fulfilling, satisfying, frustrating and wonderful...and all at the same time :)
It's so, so worth it though. Good work, Mama.

Rachel Haack said...

I hope you plan on you repeating this comment when you get phone calls and all you hear is either muffled sobs or manical laughing on the other end. ;)

Rachel Haack said...

Cozy fire?!!!!!!! So jealous.
I know I know, I need to be better because I have some serious yummy stuff we've been trying. But in my defense my computer is such a piece of crap and editing food photos takes me three times as long. Booo. I need a new computer! Miss you dearie!

Rachel Haack said...

*manaical. Sp? Oh bother.

Anonymous said...

That pool looks tempting....I turned my heater on this week and all of the tomatoes in town froze. Enjoy the warmth. :)

Rachel Haack said...

The first night with the heat on? It hurts a little to think about it. So, so cozy in my opinion. Wish we were at the pumpkin patch with u this year :(