Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween.


The Little Haack Ghouls.


A glance at past Halloweens (this is when I'm so happy to have a blog, time flies.):

2012 here and here

2011 here and here

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Meal Planning Mondays: sacred text.

{The other Bible}

A few months ago I read about this superlady who grocery shops only once a month and manages to keep her grocery bill under like $150 total and doesn't coupon clip at all and feeds her kids all organic food and WHAT.EVER.

Then I realized this biotch was really just a big gobblybog amalgamation of all of my insecurities manifesting in a fictional character derived from too many afternoons browsing pinterest. This was a helpful realization.

But, there really is a mom out there who meal plans and grocery shops once a month (is it you?!). And, she manages to save a lot of time and stress and money. I think? I don't know, I haven't done it myself.

HOWEVER! I decided to modify her plan and give it a try in our house. For the past few months, I grocery shop once every two weeks.

Folks, HUGE DIFFERENCE. We do save money! I am less stressed! It is WORKING for us!!!!

The theory behind it is that the less trips you take to the store, the less frivolous purchases you make. We all know what it's like to run to the store to grab the two ingredients we need for a meal, only to leave with at least seven items or more. Or at least I do.

Saving money is great, but do you know what I love BEST about the two week plan? I don't have to THINK about what I'm making for dinner constantly. There isn't that constant nagging 2 pm dread and mental rundown, "what on earth should I make? What do I have in the pantry? What do I need to the load the kids up in the car and run to the store for? Let's just have McDonalds and make this easier. Again. Because I'd rather poke my eyeballs out with a fork than enter Walmart today. We will have burgers again for the 19th time this month. I am a horrible mother and I can't do anything about it."

I sit, once every two weeks, and I PLAN. I plan plan plan plan plan.
I grab a yummy beverage and pour over my food magazines, my pinterest boards, and my cookbooks. I record 14 dinners that sound delish in The other Bible. This is my sacred book, filled with lots of sacred texts: school lunch strategies, weekend breakfast ideas, a few desserts I might feel like trying, shopping lists, notes, goals, even a few brief journal entries. I compile my big grocery list in The other Bible. I carry it with me everywhere and have panic attacks if I arrive at the store without it by my side. I leave the kids with the husband. And I spend 3 hours getting it all knocked out.

Then, for the next two weeks, I'm covered! Badabing bada boom! (With the exception of possibly sending Tyler to the store once during the two weeks to replenish fresh fruit or veggies, but most stuff lasts about that long in the refrigerator, or the last few days of the two week stint I use frozen fruits and veggies, etc).

It's all about the meal plan. It's ALWAYS been all about the meal plan. So, enjoy feeding your family! Here are a few ideas of things we've tried and approve (click on titles for links):

{This was so good, I used shredded rotisserie chicken and had it ready in under 15 minutes. Hallelujah!}

{Yum. Easy. Perfect for fall meals. Also, paleo diet friendly if you're into that sort of thing? I've made this a few times and it's always a hit.}

{Kaay. Husband was not too thrilled with the title of this meal when it was announced what was for dinner. But one quick glance of "BOY, you betta check yoself before you WRECK yoself" let him know he was expected to give it a try anyways. And you know what? He LIKED IT. Use good tomatoes. And lots of fresh oregano. And I suppose, you could throw in some chicken sausage for the carnivorous hubby if you have to.}


Friday, October 25, 2013

then she fell off the face of the earth and came back and assaulted me with a mediocre post and a million photos. oh yeah, and a pathetic run-on sentence masquerading as the title.

soooo. hi.

i don't know what really happened there. it was not an intentional month long break, but i tell ya: in the race between mothering and wife-ing and showering (weekly maybe?) and schooling and thinking and working and worshiping and family-ing and reassessing and reorganizing and reprioritizing...

blog posts lose.

as they often should.

but my brain is jammed to the brim and the family record here is dwindling so i decided to pull up my big girl pants and unwind. i like this little space.

so, what has been going on? outwardly, so many things. i can't even go there really, it would be such a laundry list. the kind of things that keep your days packed and your stress levels high and life feeling relatively full. but it's been good.

of particular note has been the birth of my two newest nephews!!!!!!:

Oliver Lyle Hansen

Wyatt Daniel Hansen
Photo: Mom and Wyatt together again.

don't even get me started on these two. unBELIEVABLE. so cute. little miracles. poor Wyatt had a bit of stress from the birth process, but is doing very well now, thankfully. so glad. he gave his mom and dad a brief scare at the beginning. in fact, now that he is just fine, i've decided i already like that about him. he's got spunk, that squirt. he is smaller than oliver but what he lacks in weight he's made up in sheer grit. hey wyatt and oliver, you've captured this girl's heart already. and i'm a hard sell, believe you me. i don't just let any cute babies go around shamelessly stealing my affections. you've got to be careful with those round eyes and cubby cheeks. they are dangerous. but gosh, when i think of you boys? siggggggggh.

k, what else? i guess inwardly, i've been a bit angsty and annoyed and attempting to figure out myself a bit more. 29 years just isn't enough time, not even close, to know who exactly i'm dealing with here. you know?! sheesh life, you can be such a processssss sometimes.

 i've been particularly enjoying being a mother lately. i don't think that is always the case with mothering. there are seasons to life in general, in a very macro life stage sort of way. so, in macro terms, i can happily report that I am content and joyous and purpose filled. but there are also micro seasons, seasons within seasons. there have been some seasons that have been more challenging than others. there are some seasons when mothering feels like a never ending, uphill climb. but then there are good seasons. seasons when it feels like the perfect autumn day.

{{sawyer comes to visit!}}

the season i've entered, although probably brief, is feeling comfy. i find myself at night saying prayers mostly of gratitude for this time. it feels like i'm still in the planting and cultivating season, but also the harvest? does that make sense? it is so good. it's like i'm still hard at work but have been given a small lunch break. emerson is no longer breastfeeding. all four of my girls sleep through the night. they are little and perfect and funny and naughty and sometimes downright annoying and overall... simply splendid. and i am glad to be right here

{{trick or treat in Disneyland. i know. i know i know!!!}}

{{Look who came to join us!!!!}}


{{autumn house touches}}

{{halloween sugar cookie bake with our neighborhood friends}}


so, that's it for now!

you still here?!