Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween.


The Little Haack Ghouls.


A glance at past Halloweens (this is when I'm so happy to have a blog, time flies.):

2012 here and here

2011 here and here

2010 here

2009 here

2008 here


Ashley said...

I am so in love with the Brave costume! Love the curls. They are all adorable though.

Katy Nicole. said...

I can't even handle them. DYING over every single costume. Ohhh the Emmie Elephant..I want to SQUEEZE her. Each costume is so fitting for your 4 girlies! It just doesn't get cuter than the Haack girls.

Emily said...

Oh Ellie's costume!! My boys loved that! Your back drops are cute too! How do you make them? Fabric? Wrapping paper?

Rachel Haack said...

It was wrapping paper I had on hand! Except Ellie, for her we just went into the field behind our house. Brave needed a more natural habitat. Ha! I'm the weirdest.

Emily said...

No thats fantastic!!! I love your pics! This is a weird question what lens do you use?

The Mrs. said...

It doesn't get any cuter than this!! I melted when I saw Elli!!
Beautiful family, Rae.


Rachel Haack said...

Not a weird question at all! Canon rebel camera, and I use a 50mm lens.:)

Rachel Haack said...

Thank u Jamee! Miss our eagle canyon trunk or treat and our favorite little bee family:(