Monday, November 4, 2013

Meal Planning Mondays: Guess who's having a nervous breakdown?!!!

I feel the need to disclose these photos.

Do you feel better about yourself?

You're welcome.

Just look. at. my. house.

But it gets better! Oh yes! Because guess who went CRAY.ZEEEE. this weekend? Me, that's who!
I was the epitome of exhausted, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed. In fact, I have no business even using the term "was" as if this is the past tense we're speaking of. I am.

And of course the target of all of my frustrations ended up directed at my { rather amazing} husband. Cuz who else is bound by sacred vows to deal with all your crap, am I right or am I right?! {hint, not right.} Let's just say I ruined not ONE but TWO consecutive attempts at a date night. It was dysfunction at its finest. And not in some cute indie, focus feature film kind of way. My psychoticness didn't have a single ounce of Zooey Deschanel's I'm so weird and keep saying bizarre things entirely outside of rational social contexts with my batty eyes and blank stares but Joseph Gordon-Levitt still can't help but adore me charm. 

But I can write about this now because we've made peace. Erg, I said I'm sorry. And People of the World, I HATE saying I'm sorry. Because I'm rarely, like ever...almost NEVER... wrong. {winky face}
But ya gots to do what ya gots to do. 
And I married a patient, forgiving man {much needed}. 

And as a crazy side note, I kid you not, the moment we entered church yesterday, while still argumentative and secretly fuming with each other, we walked into the chapel just as our bishop stood up spontaneously and announced that he had read an important article that he wanted to share titled TEN WAYS TO LOVE YOUR SPOUSE AND HAVE A HAPPY MARRIAGE.

{Geez, God. You think You're rrrreal funny.}

It reminded me of my childhood, driving to church on Sunday with the family crammed into our old Suburban. Basically, at times it was nothing more than approx 97 thousand people arguing, yelling, complaining, running late (as usual), missing a shoe or set of scriptures or an actual child. (Wait, where's Sarah?!!!) Only to enter the church and hear the hymn...wait for it wait for it!:

Love at Home 

There is beauty all around, when there's love at home.
There is joy in every sound, when there's love at home.
Peace and plenty here abide, smiling sweet on every side.
Time doth softly, sweetly glide, when there's love at home.

Nobody wanted to admit it, but we could kinda hear Jesus up in heaven going


{oh look! children playing in the garbage area! unclothed! imagine that.}

So, yeah. 

Balance is hard, my friends. The journey is challenging, the ride gets bumpy, the highs are high and the lows can be low, and all that good stuff.

Hey Tyler, I love you. 
Thanks for always helping me clean up the mess.

Happy Monday!


Meal ideas!:

Vegetarian with flavor!

Because chicken can get really boring sometimes...

When I saw this recipe I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's like all of my food fantasies have finally manifested in the form of a taco.

Medication for aforementioned nervous breakdown. Best taken around 1am with a glass of milk and a bad attitude.


thepainterfamily said...

Love it :)

What I have taken from this post that I aspire to:

Having the wherewithal, good humor, and perspective to TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH when my house looks like this (which is at least once a day)


I see fall decorations (on your table and mantle!)

And those glasses with straws means something delicious was consumed.

Is that detangling spray? because only good moms use that stuff haha.

And you made a cake! Mmmmm.

Happy Monday indeed!!

Ashley said...

Thank you Rae for showing this side of your life. I was beginning to think that I was a really horrible mom and alone in all of this. My house looks like this just about every night after Chase decides to throw his toys everywhere and his latest is trying to sneak into the garbage. Then of course the hubby gets the brunt of it because he just doesn't understand how hard I try to keep our house hold together and he does nothing ;) I tell ya if I was him I would have went running for the hills! Hooray I am so glad that I am not alone.

Alexis said...

OK laughing out loud all by myself is the essence of real humor!!! I love this. I love you. I love the real-ness that you share...I love seeing my life of crazy in your life and that it makes me feel I've done something good and that the craziness in pursuit of family and homemaking is indeed a hilarious, exasperating exercise in parenting and womanhood...I think the word womanhood is now not politically correct...But I've never been politically correct...Afterall who drives around with a gazillion kids in a Wagonneer with wood panel sides with a window that doesn't roll up in the winter with kids covered in blankets lecturing them on "cool is an is not what you drive!!!"
Embrace the disorder of your life when it is seasonal in your life...Oh wait, maybe I meant it will be constant in your life. i.e. your mom's life:)
Keep is my therapy!
Love Mom

The Mrs. said...

If there is one thing I have learned in this very real world that I am living in, it's that all mothers are on the brink of going insane.

Well, your normal. Congrats!

I feel bad WAY to often for the way I treat my husband. Ugh! And I hate always being the one who ends up saying "I'm sorry". WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME??! In fact if it was ever his turn to say "sorry", I would probably laugh and cry and hug and kiss him just out of pure joy that it was his turn.

Love you much. And miss your beautiful face!

Rachel Haack said...

Awww, thanks for the encouragement! I guess I can take solace in the humor that accompanies grabbing a camera with shaking fingers as my facade of control disintegrates into shrieking and manaical laughter. If humor can't save us, what can?!!!!
Haha, thanks for stopping in. Your comment really made me smile:)

Rachel Haack said...

No indeed, you are NOT alone my friend! You just described my average day!

Rachel Haack said...

Oh ma, the good ole woody!!! To think of what u out up with. And still, with that attitude, kept it classy. You taught me real, and I love you for it!

Rachel Haack said...

Haha, isn't that the TRUTH. If youre not teetering on the verge...are u even a human being, ya know?!
I tried calling u last week, I need to catch up with you dear friend!

The Mrs. said...

Im so thankful for your blog. its so fun to "see" you on it.

Do you instagram???

Rachel Haack said...

I'm thankful you enjoy it! No, no Instagram for me. Have to keep my social media under control. The blog is my chosen outlet!:)

Rachel Haack said...

*put up with

Joan said...

I feel the need to thank you for disclosing said photos! You're a phenomenal Mother, wife and woman, Rachel. Thank you for keepin it real :)