Tuesday, November 5, 2013

To My Ellie Jane.

Happy Birthday Ellie Jane!

I realize that one day you will actually read these posts as an adult  and possibly inquire red-faced as to why I posted this on your third birthday post:
{ellie's recreational diversions: climbing on top of the AC unit to feel the breeze a la natural. And don't deny it, you know it must be totally awesome. Awww, to be so free, sigh...}

to which I will simply respond, have you read any other posts? Is there anything MORE Ellie than this purist, this adventurous, this a la natural Ellie jane? 

Of course, I am hopeful that this unabashed love of being and zest for existence will culminate in activities that do not constantly involve nudity, but for now I'm basking in it and all it represents about having you as my child.

You are the free-est, happiest little Spirit. Your essence is joy, and you've been drowning us in it since the day of your birth.

Gosh, I'm so lucky. How does a mother get so lucky?

 Today you've turned three.
Which, by the way, you refuse to accept.
You've informed everyone, and I mean everyone we've encountered today, that you are five. And when they try to correct you, you firmly raise your hand in five widely stretched fingers, with raised eyebrows,  an incredulous half smile, and a penetrating stare that seems to telepathically transmit the following response: 
did I studder

The attempt at correction suddenly ceases, and quite miraculously, everyone is in agreement. 
Okaaay then...the kid says she's five. (?)

So hey, way to reach for the stars I guess, even if it means appearing a little deluded. I like that about you.;)

Oh my ellie, ellie, ellie.

We love you so.

Happy Birthday, you adorable three/five year-old.




A peek into the past:


The Mrs. said...

She has a special spirit about her. I really don't know how you can stand it.


Alexis said...

I keep looking at this post over and over! These pictures steal my heart. Ellie is 3! I love 3 year olds. Miniature little people. They communicate but they still have their baby fat! Love this Dolly- miss her and the others like the dickens.

Autumn Duke said...

She is adorable... and perfect! Happy (belated) birthday to your little girl!

Also, I stumbled upon your blog and I must say that I love the way that you write. I think I'll be staying.

I look forward to reading more :)


Rachel Haack said...

You are more than welcome to stay! By the way, I love your name. Autumn Duke?! Seriously, beautiful. And your little Klair is adorable.

I've met dear friends through blogging so I am always excited when someone new introduces themselves.:) so thanks for stopping in!