Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A little Christmas Tour and a story about a Mirror.

So I've been having a little too much fun decorating our new house for Christmas. And so I thought I'd share. Not because this stuff really matters, ya know? It really DOESN'T matter. AT. ALL. It really ISN'T what Christmas is all about. BUT, it is FUN
And fun?
 Now that Matters.

I know you're thinking I pulled that straight from some Eckhart Tolle book or ancient scripture with all its mind-boggling a haa!-ness and wisdom and profundity. But nope, that was all me. I get credit for that gem. Newsflash! FUN matters!

We all get our jingles and jollies in separate ways, there's no denying that.

Mine too often manifest in the form of retail Christmas aisles and credit card statements. Just the other day I called Tyler on my way home from an illicit rendezvous with the shoe department of Marshall's. I told him, we are told that buying THINGS can't buy HAPPINESS. But are we really sure about that?  Because the boots I just bought London literally purchased me a solid four days of the purest form of joy known to mankind. UNBELIEVABLE. Wait till you see her in them.

And then he rolls his eyes and huffs and whatareyagonnadoshescrazy and ihavefourdaughtersHOWamigoingtosurvivethis? and we move on.

 Every year I allow myself a few new Christmas items to add to the collections. Just a few
Tyler, calm down.

 {emmieluv UNdecorating the tree. We re-hang 27 ornaments an hour around here}

My designated purchases this year are now scattered on our entry table. I love monochromatic schemes, so this is my one area of the house that really reflects my preference. My kids like more color.

My Mom and sisters could testify to the fact that I have always DREAMED of having a stair banister to wrap in garland.  At long last!:

And finally, we just hung this mirror. It was a thrift/treasure hunting find. I am so upset because I deleted the before photo!!!! Basically, it was this giant mirror, only bronze/orange and covered with various angel statuettes and patron saint figurines. Seriously, it was wild. I can only describe it as something I imagine made its way from a public restroom in the Vatican.
LuckIly, the owner of the thrift/vintage shop offered to remove the figurines and paint it for me if I purchased it. SOLD! I knew it had potential. And what color did I choose? You betta believe it!:
I'm in love.

Another 17 days of pure happiness purchased from that one. What a bargain!

Now my next goal is to find the perfect Nativity set. 

Signing off,

The crazy elf

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Katy Nicole. said...

You know I only trust people who shop at Marshall's!!! Love the decorations and basically every pic you share of your adorable nest! Good work on the mirror!! xo