Monday, December 2, 2013

Meal Planning Mondays: Happy Lists and The Holy of Holies.

I am busy today doing the usual unpacking, grocery shopping, and settling in after our week-long Thanksgiving visit to see family. There is so much to do. The holidays are here, the list of to-do's keep piling up. Right as I was about to hyperventilate when considering it all, I paused to consider: Meal planning? Grocery shopping? Unpacking clothes? Reading a textbook? Laundry? Getting car washed? Helping Lily with her book report? Cooking dinner? Visiting a friend? Exercising? Getting the Christmas village down from the Attic? Gift Wrapping? Tree decorating? Family Home Evening?

These are good things. Great things. I'm glad my list is full of them. Even if sometimes I see it all as a burden. I'm cranking up the Christmas music, putting on my coziest socks, and getting to work.

Happy Lists = Happy Life


I'll recap Thanksgiving when I can go through all the photos. In the meantime:

These are some shots I had to stop and take on the drive back home. I kid you not, the journey from our house to NV is holy.

The vistas, the magnificence, the intersection of NV desert into California hills? It is nothing short of breathtaking.

Sometimes while driving I get all caught up in all the awe-inspiring creation I'm meandering through . I listen to music, or some sort of enlightening podcast or church talk, and I marvel and cry a little and get all ninny-poo on myself. I start sounding like the double rainbow guy. Only with four shrieking children in the background fighting over barbies.

I fantasize about what life would be like out here in this quiet, massive space. I dream of the simplicity of my afternoons and the children's regular backyard adventures including scenery like this. Could you even imagine? 

I've decided I will make this my new pilgrimage. I will block the noise of hooliganism (ie, children) with a decent set of earphones and a proper soundtrack. Then I will spend the majority of the next eight hours of travel inside of my head and my heart. I'll assess where I'm at and make goals for this segment of time until the next pilgrimage.

Oh yes, and I'll make a stop here....

I saw it on the way to NV last week. It just smacks you right in the face after passing through a few barren, windy valleys edged in snow capped peaks. Standing stoically at the mouth of an enormous space, dotted with cattle and old fences, in all it's cool tree-ish-ness. Commanding and majestic and old and just totally bad-A.

As we drove by all I could do was stare at its beauty and say


To which Lily immediately responded: Mom! We don't say SHUT UP!????!!!!

So, on the return trip home I insisted on stopping for a picture, which didn't please anyone considering it involved a 2 mile drive in the wrong direction and an encounter with a No Trespassing sign.

I had to get a shot of it. This, the holiest of holies discovered on Rae's Pilgramage with four kids to NV.

And thus is it recorded.



Do you love that this post had absolutely NOTHING to do with food?
Sorry about that. Anyways, I just finished up our meal plan, here are a few items on the list:

Happy Monday!


Autumn Duke said...

Wow. I am so impressed. You actually made me envy the fact that you drove through the Nevada desert. I would usually associate such a trek with dreariness, but I stand corrected. Your photos and descriptions have made me think twice about my perceptions.

And I agree with you, that tree is marvelous!

Katy Nicole. said...

That tree pic was worth the stop for sure.. so cool. Yayyy Meal Planning Monday even after your voyage HOME?!! I'm going to try that pizza this week. I'm sad I missed out on hangin.. but will def catch you in a few weeks!! Excited to snuggle Emerson's ears ;)

Joan said...

@autumnduke Agreed! You are quite the sales girl, Rae. Well done on pitching the beauty of the seemingly barren NV landscape (well at least seemingly barren to the uneducated, unappreciative bafoon that I am!) Ha ha.
Also, ditto on the overwhelmed feeling. I'm super bah humbug right now and don't even have my tree up yet nor do I have the usual intense drive, excitement to put it up?! What's wrong with me? :/
I need to change my attitude pronto! Shame on me for squandering the best month of the year!