Saturday, January 11, 2014

Birthday Summary.

To Lily.

If you ever wonder what it was like living with you when you were an EIGHT year old girl, I would tell you the following:

You asked for a metal detector for your birthday

and fringe high knee moccasin boots

and I threw in a spy kit as well, just because I knew it would intrigue you so.

You like to wear lots of rubber bands around your wrists, and Good Luck Charlie is your favorite {permitted} television show. Although truth be told you'd watch way more iCarly and Wizards of Waverly if your mother didn't protest that those kids were too darn sassy and kept smooching each other all the time. You say you don't like the smoochy parts but I know my daughter. Girlfriend, you love it and I plan on capitalizing on that weakness for romance someday when I'm menopausal and you're an adult, when we can cry and eat brownies together watching The Notebook. Sigh, a Mom can dream. However, let's not rush the inevitable and save that for later? Because, OH DANG IT SHOOT ME NOW, I have a feeling there will be lots of boys who will want to play smoochy with you one day. Dad just died reading this.

You're becoming an excellent reader and as of late you prefer non-fiction books about animals. Last night we read about fish and agreed that the hagfish is the ugliest species known to planet earth. You still have a mild lisp and I explode inside every time I hear you reading out loud with your cute voice. You stress about homework, sometimes to the point of perfectionist insanity. I had to calm you down this week when you thought you weren't understanding a math problem. But it's GOING TO BE ON THE TEST, you kept repeating. I saw the anxiety escalating and had to intervene. You just forgot to carry the one. CRISIS AVERTED! She is now carrying the ones, people!!!! We will survive!!!

You love amassing large fortunes through coin collecting and chores. Nothing makes you more giddy than binge shopping at The Dollar Tree. But, you aren't a cold-hearted little capitalist. You frequently share, or will purchase a snack for your sisters. You excitedly fill out tithing slips at church. And as we exited the grocery store one day, you saw a volunteer from a local organization trying to collect money for a homeless shelter. You pulled out your prized money and slipped it into the bucket. And when I told you that you were helping someone to stay warm that night, you beamed with a light brighter than any shopping splurge I've seen so far. You are gold kid, pure gold. That kind of stuff just knocks a mama out cold, when I witness the development of awareness and empathy stemming from your pure little soul. 
You are constantly impressing me with your ever expanding moral development and sense of wonder about the world. You ask delightful {and tough} questions sometimes. Your prayers are beautiful and honest and thankful. 

You are a funny goofball too. An amateur gymnast in the making. You thrive on taking risks: tree climbing, wall scaling, and systematically and deviously sneaking downstairs into the kitchen to raid the pantry after you've been put to bed and Dad and I have retired to our room. I've found you asleep with empty rice krispy wrappers stuffed into the sides of your mattress covers more than once.
{this is the front of your invitation for your upcoming birthday party. you picked these pictures and designed it yourself. you were a rather specific little client, but it was nice working with you}

You have a penchant for sarcasm. To which Dad will rather accusingly probe, hmmmm, I wonder where she gets that from? oh rachel, wherever did she inherit that from? 
Your latest indignatious response to situations you find unacceptable is to repeatedly ask, 
"Really?.. Really?"
Like when I asked you to help pick up the messy playroom, which unbeknownst to me you had apparently not set foot in all day and had no responsibility in destroying . You squinted your eyes and tilted your head,  
You asked that I not curl your hair a certain way the other morning because it made you look like Michael Jackson. What?!! In fact, I think I repeated back to you,
 "Really?... Really?"

Today, you are at Disneyland with Daddy. One on one. Just so you can be sure to hit all the craziest rides, free from the demands of younger sisters. I think Dad has been most excited for this date, because he prefers the same rides too. May you indulge in California Screaming, The Tower of Terror, and Splash Mountain to your heart's content. And afterwards, we'll meet up for your requested birthday dinner: Panda Express. Then, you can open the packages you've anxiously anticipated from your Grandparents, and Gigi. You are blessed, Lily. 

And we are so. incredibly. beyond words. in love. and grateful. and blessed.
to call you ours. 
If you're wondering what life was like with you as our eight-year old I would tell you it was better than Disneyland. Beyond Magical.



Love always,

Mom and Dad


A peek into the past {cue Mom's tears.}:


Katy Nicole. said...

Disneyland request with dad and Panda Express?! Doesn't get sweeter than that!!!

This is so beautiful! You can write with the BEST of them Rae!!!

Happy Birthday to your sweet Lil!!

Rachel Haack said...

Thank you Katy!