Thursday, January 9, 2014

Girls' Room Design Part I

When we first moved into this house, I decided that I wanted to focus on Lily and London's room first. The move was hardest on them, and I wanted them feeling settled as soon as possible. California was going to have to bribe its way into their affection, given that next to nothing will ever beat the previous close proximity to their much adored grandparents. I'm fighting a losing battle. But new bunkbeds did help. They always wanted bunkbeds. AND canopy beds. Geez! Girls!
 Stay tuned for what we came up with in that department later.

For now I'll start with my $30 craigslist find. 
I call it the punch of pure awesome in their room.

I chose a silvery grey and white palette with dusty lavenders for their room. It felt a little more grown-up, and Lily has never had a preference for pink. I came up with the overall vision and Tyler made it happen. Overall, I love how it turned out. To me, the room feels classic and fitting for growing girls. But! I also wanted to add a real zammy!-bam!-punch of pow! too. To me, that is SO my silly daughters. 

Classic and zammy bam awesome.

and yep, I made those terms up.

This rasberry/fushia color just knocks my socks off. I used this spray paint and then did about 17  layers of lacquer finish (mild exaggeration, but it felt like it. Realistically: three) to get that high gloss look. 


amy m. said...

So much fun!! Love the pop of pink and the more grown-up color palette you chose. I always wonder what the previous owners of Craigslist items would think if only they knew what creative people like you do to their "junk"

Anonymous said...

SHAZAM! You done good girl!

Joan said...

LOOOVE!!! :)
That is the perfect pink!