Wednesday, January 8, 2014

irregular regularity, announcements, and fifty shades of Rae (not what you're thinking...but it got your attention now didn't it?).

Announcement 1. Rae's Corner will continue to be erratic and undependable in frequency, theme, content, and quality. Proceed with caution. Ahhhh, that feels better. Acceptance. 

Moving on...

Announcement 2. I am doing something that I haven't done before. I'm opening things up to facebook. I don't know how I feel about it. I kinda like how this space has remained a local space in many regards. I don't court readers, I don't search out ways to promote and monetize this blog. I love this space and blog out of the sheer pleasure of reflecting, recording, writing, and sharing. But. It has been suggested before that I should open it up a little more and see how things go. We'll see. 
I'm not really the nicest person. I see what happens to bloggers who actually gain a substantial readership. They are both loved and ripped to shreds. My jaws gape open reading the comment sections some of my favorite writers. Unbelievable. They handle it with such grace, I don't get it? I am such a hothead. First three hateful comments and cyber shi** is going to HIT THE FAN. If the bullying psycho comments kick in, Rae's Corner goes private. But good people far outweigh bad, so I am hopeful this is going to be just fine.

Announcement 2. Radical Homemaking installments. They will continue to be a irregular regular feature. I am hoping to explore Homemaking as more than a gender role, a stereotype, a luxury, or a tradition of the conservative patriarchal past. I am interested in exploring it as a philosophy, a viable profession, an art form, and a way of life. I hope you'll enjoy thinking about it with me. I recently interviewed an favorite homemaker/friend and will post her interview in the coming weeks.

Announcement 3. pRAEjects. We've been hard at work in the last year making improvements to our home. I've learned in the past not to post BEFORE pictures until you also have completed the AFTER. We have a few completed projects to share including a home tour. These projects will also feature the insanely large variety of hair colors I've sported in the last 12 months. Worthy of a future post or two in and of itself (warning: low priority. this is NOT a hair blog.).

Announcement 5: Tune in next to see what I did with this $30 Craigslist find.

See you soon!

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