Monday, January 27, 2014

It's Great To Be Eight: The Party.

Lily Lu Bug had her birthday party last week.
Our house was over-run by energetic {crazy!}, cute little girls.

I had asked Lily if she wanted to select just a few friends to go somewhere special with {dinner? movie? trampoline park?}, but she chose a birthday party at home instead. It made me smile and remember a few of my own childhood birthday parties at home. I remember my Mom hanging streamers and letting me pick what kind of birthday cake I wanted. It's amazing what a few colored balloons and a cake can do for a child. Magic!

She specifically requested pin-the-tail on the donkey...

hot potato...
{we used hot Mr. Potato HEAD because I was out of potatoes? random.}

and....A pinata.

I have ambivalent feelings towards pinatas. The pressure is so high. I remember the sheer thrill coupled with the wide-spread panic that errupts the moment you see candy flinging from the flaps that have been punctured open. I get ulcers just thinking about it.
Personally, I think all psychological research on mob mentalities should be conducted with pinatas. It's amazing to watch the utter deterioration of human dignity in the desperate lurch for a tootsie roll...

I was like the ultimate buzzkill of the party as I shouted "MANNERS! MANNERS, LADIES!" as 17 screaming little girls descended, climbing over each other and stomping through the last remnants of the brutalized butterfly pinata whose innards lie scattered all over the porch....

Rest in peace.

Imagine our surprise to notice it was the highlight of London's six year-old existence....

{Our much loved babysitter, Aleah. Who Ellie fondly refers to as "Yeeah.}

{This pic of Ellie Jane and her "best fwend Aubwee" slays me. They are the cutest little pair and get along so well.}

Over all, it was a splendid day for our Lily girl. Sometimes I wonder if its borderline pathological, how much I love my children. This can't possibly be normal.

Children really are such blessings. 
Worthy of multiple celebrations indeed. Here's to many many many more birthday parties to come.

The post-party damage...
if only you could feel the stickyness of the floors. Frosting EVERYWHERE.

The End!

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christilee said...

Rachel, So cute girls. Tell Lily Happy Birthday from the Marshall's We miss ya.