Monday, January 6, 2014

ringing it in.

{venice beach. first family outing of the new year}

hi friends!

the holidays are over! the holidays are over! hooray and sad! hooray and sad!

do you ever get that mixture-y kind of feeling? 

2013 was a good year for our family. i'm happy and sad to see it go.

life just has such a way of moving. sllllllow down, life, please. but, only during the good parts!

its the strangest thing though. when i really think about it, the good parts are so often intermixed and mashed up in the not-so-good parts that you just can't easily sort it out. odd.

{salted caramel bread pudding!}

tyler and i spent the latter half of yesterday being couch potatoes and scrolling through photos on his phone. going all the way back to 2006ish. lily was a baby. it felt so warm and cuddly and satisfying and achy and heartbreaking to look at our past lives and our different homes and their wittle faces. they grow so fast. everyone tells you that. you tell yourself that. and yet, i think that's why everyone keeps on saying this ridiculously cliche thing to say. because you just never believe it! you never really grasp the way it's moving.

one day, you're the young insane 21 year-old girl, wife, and new mom.

then! you wake up the next day and it's 2014. and your baby is eight and you will be thirty and you have an established wrinkle treatment repertoire and are looking into soccer programs and beginning to panic that you really should start contributing to a 401K and wondered why you always thought people in their thirties were so mature and wise when you were younger because now that you sit here in year thirty realizing you're still a complete nitwit and what if this is all there is, a world full of nitwits decade after decade? and when you consider the magnitude of that scenario then suddenly all of life and humanity seem all the more miraculous in our achievements and utterly terrifying in our most likely pending self-induced implosion. does that sound a little pessimistic? i was meaning to sound humbled. my bad.;)

a girl like me has no justifiable reason to ever be truly pessimistic. life has continuously unfolded greater meaning and such profound depth that i can't ever raise my brow, roll my eyes, or view it negatively for too long.

as our lives rapidly progress i regularly plead my case in protest, this must stop!, only to realize that pushing the stop button would halt the ever widening expansion that is constantly occurring. my life has increased to my children, and their lives are broadening exponentially with each day. the new experiences are exciting and exhilarating and only to be found on a ride that keeps moving.

and my love for my tyler. let's talk about this {oh no, here we go.}. i don't hear much talk about this part of marriage...the early mid-ish years. is that the correct term? it's all relative i suppose.;) we hear about its work {which is true} and its fragility {true too} and its struggles {yep, yep.}. but i am amazed when i think about the infinite potential of this union as i've witnessed our relationship grow deeper and stronger and lovelier with time and a little age.

my main personal resolution for this year is to cultivate more gratitude. i've discovered in recent years how it's actually really fun being grateful, so this shouldn't be too hard hopefully. daily, i want to take time to pause simply to express my gratitude. hopefully i will always express it through my prayers, as often as possible in my journal, and frequently in this blog space. i have an endless stream of things to be grateful for. i guess it deserves multiple outlets.

and the last thing i'll say before signing off today. i'm grateful for you. my sweet, kind, small tribe of readers.

my friends.

my family.

thank you for sharing in our lives and for taking a peek and making me feel all kinds of validated and special. sure, i sound kinda silly, but i mean it. i hope 2014 gives you all the blessings life can afford on your own unique journey.

 happy, happy, happy new year!


Alex said...

Ah Rae, your pictures are selling me on So. Cal life. I'm here in frigid Virginia where it's going to be 10 below tomorrow.

You have such a cute family


Rachel Haack said...

Hey HAY Alex!
Well, I would definitely envy u around Christmas time, but pretty much after that I have to agree: So Cal has me sold too!!! Stay warm! Eat something warm and delicious for me!

Lacy said...

Venice!!! My favorite place in California. I am actually heading back to Venice the end of the week for a few days. If you have free time this weekend or the beginning of next week hit me up and I will come find you!!! Happy New Year xo

Katy Nicole. said...

Happy New Year, Rae!!
I'm loving your BLONDE hair! Such a beautiful mama you are. And of course Ellie is missing her pants at the beach and Lily has found something dangerous and thrilling to jump off of! Too cute.
Miss you!!!

Rachel Haack said...

Just sent u an email:)

Rachel Haack said...
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Rachel Haack said...

Katy you are spot there ever a day I will keep my three year old fully clothed or my oldest safe from risky stunts? Doubtful. Haha. Miss u too friend!!!

Artfulife said...


Artfulife said...