Monday, March 10, 2014

Ellie Jane Gems.

Ellie-Jane got sent to her bed immediately tonight, in trouble.

As per usual, we were winding down and trying to get everyone to gather for hugs and prayer in the living room as bed-time approached. However, we didn't exactly get to the prayers or hugs because while we tried to focus, we were repeatedly interrupted by Ellie, who kept taking off her clothes, bending her NAKED BUM against our fireplace screen yelling:

"Help!!!!! Help!!!
My butt is on Fiyah {FIRE}!!!!! 
My butt is on Fiyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My butt is on Fiyahhhhhhh!!!!!!"

I really don't have time to blog right now, but this one needed to go on record instead of dissolving into the thick cloud of memories of the bizarre/cute/inappropriate/mildly disturbing/adorable/hilarious things your kids regularly do that are too quickly forgotten, yet sorta also form the entire subconscious foundation of your reason for living.;)


Kate said...

I need to meet this child.

Anonymous said...

I have told about 10 people about this. I laughed out loud!!