Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rae's Ultimate Guide to a Nervous Breakdown: The San Francisco Edition.

So a few weeks ago, Tyler left on business for a week. Towards the end of the week, I made a decision to pack up and head to San Francisco by myself with my girls. Four days later, locked into a non-refundable hotel booking, exhausted, missing my husband, and listening to incessant squabble-screeching of my children as we crammed into bed, I came to the conclusion that I am, in fact, 
a very poor decision maker.

I'm not even going to get into the details because it will just re-trigger the substantial amounts of PTSD I have suffered since. I would love to spin it into a humorous tale, but alas even now, as I reconsider these memories, I find my hands still shaking as I type and must fight back the overwhelming urge to crawl back into bed and reconsider my previous stance in opposition to alcohol abuse. 

Let's just say a million bazillion things went awry during this excursion and I had no business traveling such a distance with four children by myself. To a busy, expensive, tourist jammed city, WITH NO MOTHER FREAKING PARKING over VALENTINE'S DAY WEEKEND?!!!?

DUH .DUH. DUH. rae!!!!!


There were a few highlights I CAN happily record. I think my kids did manage to have a lot of fun, so it was sacrificial-San-Francisco-alter that I suppose I can be {a little} happy I offered my sanity to.

Suprising Sawyer!!!

Let's go play!

 {i die over Soyboy's hands on his legs in this pic. he swung like this the entire time}

 {auntie sarah!}

 {ellie's "BoyFWend". No, seriously. she said that. AAAAaaaaaaAAA!}

 {Emerson chillin' in her ride}

 {Uncle Cwistomer!}

The Views...

The Presidio. {I think my favorite place in all of San Francisco}

The Golden Gate Bridge!

The Discovery at the Bay Museum. Awesome.

The Pier....
{Cinnamon Sugar hot donut bucket. YUMMMM.}

{Sea Lions!!}

 {Nice Asian boy who asked to take a picture with us. lol. I love the Asian tourists. Especially when they flash peace signs in the photo.}

Aquarium at the Bay....

 {Hey Bill Nye the Science Guy,
 meet Lily-Nye the Science GIRL. That's what we call her.} 
She eats this stuff up and I LOVE IT.

 {Our lovely little San Francisco family!}

 {Sigh, I love him so much. I have the best nephews.}

 {so do they. cousins for life.}

The end!


Alexis said...

I'm favorite city with some of my favorite people all in one post...Words don't convey how grateful I am for my kids and grandkids...It is a Wonderful Life:)
Hey, Haacks, Gurries and Hansens...MULTIPLY AND REPLENISH THE EARTH SOME MORE.....
P.S. Dad is in the other room squealing with consider this a "comment" from proud Pop.

The Mrs. said...

I love how much you love your kids, yet you're not afraid to admit that this mothering thing can drive one to alcohol abuse. I laughed!
I also love how much you love your nephews. It's a beautiful thing to watch your baby sisters become mommies, however, my heart explodes when I am around my nieces and nephews.


Emily said...

That's it, I have to visit you AND Sarah. I have never been to SF, ya know. It's bout time I make an excuse!

Rachel Haack said...

Yes! You do! Any time!