Thursday, March 6, 2014

The wittle wees.

I can't believe I'm already at a 50% reduction of daily household companions. Don't get me wrong, it's kinda lovely having a break while the older ones are at school. I can get so much more done and the chaos settles for a few hours.
I still find myself in shock at how fast it all went though. My first two side-kicks now spend the majority of their days away. No more tugging at my shirt and following me around the house. At certain points, you really believe your days will always be this way. Only to blink twice and realize life is nothing but an infinite series of change.

I still call Ellie Jane and Emerson 'the babies'. Ha! They are hardly babies anymore. And yet they are. My babies.
I found them this morning {for the 97 time} in my {hidden yet always discovered} lip gloss bag, happily playing and painting themselves and the furniture {AAAAAAAaaaaaAAA!!!} in a matte FUSHIA colored LONGLASTING! form of balm {the WORST!}, all while I was on the phone trying to handle a refrigerator repair. I came in to discover the mess and did my typical shrieking and lipstick yanking/confiscating and lecturing. No! No! No!!!
Emerson did her usual *I kinda understand this is naughty but will continue painting as quickly and ferociously as I can while mom approaches, then when she is approximately 2 inches away from grabbing me I'll throw the lipstick across the room, have it hit and MARK the wall, then RUN* routine. Ellie Jane saw my face and immediately darted from the room, her neon streaked face smeared in tears and outrage and victimization. While I scrubbed the furniture she announced from the other room:

{you're mean! i'm crying under the black table!}

Aye yei yei. So cute. So funny. So exhausting.

I'm so glad they are here with me.

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Joan said...

So, my question is when/ how do you take these magazine worthy, beautiful, posed, perfect shots of you and your babies? Tell me your secrets! ;)